Monday, March 31, 2014

Wax Notes | March 2014

Maple Buttercream Bliss (Front Porch)
This is just pure, sweet maple syrup. I imagine this would go down very well in cool weathers.

Tease (Two Timing Tart)
This smelled really strong on cold sniff so I popped a cube in my 11w hot plate to start. The scent really starts pumping out when the scent pool is fully developed. I would say it's a medium-low throw. The dominant notes are tea and lemon, with the mint underlining. I like this one very much!

Loopy Marshmallow Bread (Front Porch)
My first Fruit Loops blend! It smells mostly the same as regular Fruit Loops, maybe a tad sweeter and with a hint of a bread crust.

Lavender Noel (Front Porch)
This is so strong! I started melting it for about 20 minutes before I realised my nose was too stuffed to smell anything so I turned it off for the night. The next day when I came home from work, I realised the scent was still lingering in the air! Within 30 seconds of switching on my warmer, I am already getting blasted with the scent throw! I am 50/50 with this one, I don't like that the Lavender is more laundry than herbal. But I like how Lavender blends with Vanilla Bean Noel, which means it's time to hunt for the perfect Lavender Noel for my nose!

Vintage Circus (The Bathing Garden)
It's impossible for me to not like this tart because I am a big fan of Winter Candy Apple. All fans of apple scents have to have this one! I am melting two cubes in my 11w/ceramic plate combination, and am getting a nice medium scent throw.

Drunk Photography (Two Timing Tart)
Because I was surprised that the strong cold throw on Two Timing Tart wasn't translating to a good hot throw, I emailed Becky to asked what sort of heat was needed for TTT's old wax formula. She advised a 20w hot plate or 25w bulb warmer. If not, a tealight warmer would work just as well. So that's what I am doing today and that 1 cube is throwing medium-high. Absolutely loving this scent as well, I really like how fizzy and citrusy it is.

Lemon Mallow Strawberry Bread (Front Porch)
To me, this is very reminiscent to Fruit Loops or perhaps just a cereal-type scent. I like how the Marshmallow sweetens out the bread. The Lemon and Strawberry isn't distinct individually but it's makes for a fruity combo that further sweetens the scent.

Bite Me Serendipity Bubble Gum (L3WW)
I am absolutely loving this scent, the combination of fruity with bubble gum is totally hitting all my scent sweet spots. I find Bite Me the strongest of the scents, then Bubble Gum which gives the fruitiness an interesting twist. I don't really know how Serendipity is supposed to smell like but I am catching a lot of citrus with occasional whiffs of sweet coconut. L3's wax is so strong! I am only melting 1/4 of my chunk in my tealight warmer and the scent throw is high high high!

Cotton Candy Cuppy Cheesecake (L3WW)
I am melting this in my 11w hotplate. The scent throw is noticeably lower. To really get the full power of L3's wax, you have to melt it in higher wattage warmer or with a tealight. I am liking this though, I mostly smell sweet cotton candy with this chunk, little to no bakery.

Lavender Cotton Candy Frosting (L3WW)
Herbal lavender with a hint of sweetness so that it's not too overpowering. I wouldn't mind it a tad sweeter though.

Sweet Dreams (Front Porch)
What a coincidence, my last three melts all have purple in them! This tart is supposed to be sweet lavender, pink sugar and coconut cream. FP's lavender is more on the laundry side and is very strong. Unfortunately, my nose does not like it very much. A pity. I really like how the coconut scent sweetens and adds a comforting edge, I will have to search out a similar blend from other vendors or create a custom blend.

Margarita Marhsmallow Noel (Front Porch)
I was in the mood for a fruity and sweet scent on a Sunday afternoon. I rooted through my stash before settling on this scent. This one is so good, it reminds me of a lime ice cream I had as a kid! It is also super strong! I headed downstairs to the living room to watch some TV and I am still catching whiffs of it.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Haul | Crabby Candle Co. (1)

I had a little issue with my Crabby Candle order. After the package was shipped out, the owner John emailed to let me know that there was a mix-up in the packages sent out. He immediately offered to re-send my order to me. My situation was a little complicated because of my shipping service, I could return the package and wait for my original package but it would have just been a tedious process. John actually offered to let me keep both packages as well but it meant I would have exceeded my 3-package quota for shipping and I also didn't want to have that many tarts from a new vendor that I was trying out. I asked which package was sent to me, John narrowed it down to two possible orders and after looking through the scents, I said I would be happy to keep either because I ordered quite a few of the same tarts and the value of the order was similar. John was also really nice to offer a small refund to make up for his mistake which is always appreciated. All in all, great customer service from John to make up for an error.

It was actually quite exciting to open up the package because I treated it as a mystery package. The scents came in both the 0.75oz and 1.5oz tart cups. While the cups are rather sturdy, a few of them got smashed in transit because they were packed in an envelop rather than a flat rate box. The scents were all strong on cold sniff and true to scent descriptions. I even managed to discover a few favourites that weren't in my original order!

Bliss A clean spa fragrance designed to sooth and uplift. Lemon and sage, mixed with chamomile and rosewater
I like the basic, clean lemon scent that I am getting. I hope the chamomile and rosewater comes out more during melting.

Butt Naked Apple, melon, cherry, strawberry and pears combined with a touch of spice to bring it all together.
The dominant scent is melon and then comes a tangle of fruitiness. Nice!

Capriolo This scent combines the best of the Italian countryside, olive groves and mountain air.
This scent is the surprise of the order, it smells amazing, citrus and fresh, definitely something I would re-order.

Caramel Pralines
Too sweet and bakery for me.

Circus Circus Everything you'd get at a circus. Cotton candy, caramel apple, kettle corn and funnel cake.
This is the first circus type blend I am smelling, I am surprised it's not 'heavier' with the caramel apple, kettle corn and funnel cake.

Constantine Named after Constantine the Great, Constantine is a strong, earthy fragrance with a little finesse, sage and exotic florals are the predominant notes in this one.
The floral is on the stronger side, the earthiness adds an interesting dimension to it.

Cookie Madness White chocolate macadamia nut cookie!
I smell chocolate cookie. Looking forward to melting a cookie scent.

Day at the Spa This sweet and clean scent is fused with lemongrass, patchouli, and lime, to create the perfect 'spa' feeling.
Ooh, so fresh and lemon-y! Love this one!

Hawaiian Rainbow Cake Butter cream frosting and moist white cake are the base for this amazing scent but the tropical fruits in it are the starts of this show. Pineapple, coconut, hints of mango and lime mingle and burst unexpectedly through in this perfect fruity/bakery scent.
Loving the tropical mix of fruits, the cake note isn't very strong which is fine by me!

Olive Blossom
This is a green and fresh type scent. I don't smell any florals or sweetness. I have to decide if I like this category

Pink Dunes Our take on Yankee Candle's Pink Sands
I smell quite a bit of sweet melon in this. Super pretty, could be on the re-order list too!

Pinky Skittleton
Another sweet skittles scent! I can't believe how authentic the skittles scent is. The cold sniff is really strong too!

Vanilla Lavender Calming lavender and earthy, homey vanilla.
A pretty scent, the lavender is sweet and herbal

White Tea & Mango A Crabby Candle original, a fresh scent that will take you by surprise. Calming white tea with a touch of jasmine with the perfect backdrop of mango make this a stand out scent.
This is such a gorgeous blend, mango and florals go really well together! I would definitely re-order it.

Princess B Queen B with Pink Sugar
This tart is unlabelled but I think it might be Princess B. Another lovely floral scent, the pink sugar adds an additional sweetness.

Bailey's in Bed A rich and decadent Irish Cream, this scent is sure to please any bakery lovers nose.
Two words: mmm, yum! I am not a big bakery person but I really like this one.

Bear Claws
I have never had a Bear Claw before but I wouldn't mind trying it if I ever get a chance. The strongest scent I am getting is a spicy cinnamon followed by a sweet fig-like scent.

Candy Crush
Smells like a fruit-type candy like Skittles. I think Crabby's Skittles scent might be blended in it.

Creme de la Creme A complex blend of cream with notes of caramel and brown sugar.
It seems like my nose likes cream scents. This smells like vanilla ice cream!

Jelly Beans
Exactly like the candy. This would be a nice blending scent!

Passionate Kisses With top notes of cherry and orange, middle notes of vanilla and caramel, and just a hint of almond.
Definitely more than a hint of almond. There's also a bit of artificial-ness that I am associating with the cherry. I have to melt this to know more.

Pistachio Gelato
I am not sure what I am smelling, I smell something sweet and creamy.

Queen B A complex blend of white lily, freesia and exotic florals with base notes of vanilla and musk.
What a beautiful floral blend, I really love this one.

Serendipity Spell
I think this is supposed to be a blend of Serendipity and Love Spell. Such a pretty, fruity scent!

Squeaky Clean Surprisingly clean, this one makes people exclaim: it smells like my favourite body soap. A base of baby powder, with touches of musk, amber and vanilla.
The baby powder is strong and so authentic! I think this would be a nice scent to blend with florals.

Strawberry Shortcake Strawberry, vanilla sponge cake and whipped cream
I am smelling a bitter, earthy scent. Ugh!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Haul | L3 Waxy Wonders (1)

What a thrill it is to win a flash sale especially from a vendor that's getting popular in the wax world. I have been studying L3 Waxy Wonders' Facebook page for a little while. Even joined a few of the flash sales before but was never fast or lucky enough till now! I was so excited when I saw that I finally won a mystery bag a few weeks ago.

Owned by Jennifer Medina, L3 is unique that it allows you to blend up to 3 scents for a single chunk of wax. And for only $2! For beginner scent blenders, this is a great company to test your blending skills. With each chunk ordered, Jennifer pours a whole tray. The remaining chunks then goes into mystery bags that are offered every week on her page. Each mystery bag contains 10 chunks and costs $25.70. Jennifer recently revamped her mystery bag system to a sign up list which almost gaurantees that you will get a bag! I love that, no more having to cross one's fingers to get their hands on her wax. Her chunks are amazing looking and they smell really good! I was so excited to open up my bag and find out what I got. Here are my 10 chunks.

Banana Best Friends Boo Berry
I am not sure what the Best Friends scent is but the Banana is strong here. It's a Banana candy scent rather than a fresh Banana. I didn't think I would like Banana scents but I think it might grow on me.
(p/s: Best Friends is boysenberries, elderberries, guava, strawberries and pomegranate.)

Bite Me Serendipity Bubble Gum
I really like this! I wasn't sure whether I would like bubble gum scents but I do! Such a sweet chunk this one.
(p/s: Bite Me is a strong berry and cherry scent.)

Boo Berry Zucchini Bread Vanilla Bean Noel
I am getting something fruity bakery. This is my first ZB scent, I am looking forward to trying it.

Coffee Bean Caramel Mexican Hot Chocolate
Woah, baby! This chunk was strong. I could smell it even before opening the bag. Sadly this one is not for me. That spicy coffee chocolate scent just rubs me the wrong way.

Cotton Candy Cuppy Cheesecake
Mmm, sweet!

Fantastic Butterbrickle
This one isn't for me. I am not a fan of toffee and caramel scents.

Luscious Lemon Lollis
This scent blend is my favourite of the lot! The lemon is so fresh and clean! I also really like the colour combination of light and bright yellows, accentuated by the gold glitter! Gorgeous!

Lavender Cotton Candy Frosting
Wow, the lavender is strong and herbal. If the cotton candy frosting sweetens it during melting, I think this would be really pretty!

Pink Sugar Peach Smoothie Strawberry
I am smelling pink and fruity

Pomegranate Wildberry Mousse
A vague fruity scent. I smell hints of Wildberry. I love the chunks here, I really like chunks in the same colour but different tones!

There were three samples included in the mystery bag. Above and beyond!

Spring Breeze (Raspberries, Lemon and Soft Florals)
This one is gorgeous! When L3 reopens, I am definitely ordering this by itself and in various blends.

Lemon Raspberry Shortcake
Very strong and authentic shortcake scent but I am not a fan of cake scents.

Butterscotch Cake Pop
Another scent that doesn't do it for me.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

One Sick, Lucky Day

I am home sick today with a viral throat infection but I am totally cheered up by two winnings on Facebook.

1. A prominent member of the wax community, Jessica, had a personal tragedy and some of her friends banded together to organise an auction to raise money to help her through this tough time. I placed a few bids over the weekend, with my last bid about two hours before the auction closed. I didn't think I would win because I expected a last minute flurry of bids but somehow I won one of the lots. I am so happy to be able to contribute and as a bonus get a great box of wax. I won the lot contributed by Audrey and except for Super Tarts, every vendor is new to me - Up The Creek, Sugar & Spice Gourmet, Sassy Girl Aroma, Rosegirls (!!), Vintage Chic Scents, Candles from the Keeping Room and Bit of Bliss.

2. A few hours later, after coming back from the doctor, I saw a notification that I had won a lot in the Vintage Chic Scents flash sale. I am super excited about this because the way the VCS website is set up doesn't allow for a non-US billing address, which makes me unable to order from them at the moment. My only hope is to try them through destashes or winning a Facebook flash sales, and I did! Whoo! The flash sale lot included 11 scent shots and 1 rose tart. The scents are a mystery which is driving me nuts! I can't wait to find out what I got.

Haul | Super Tarts (1)

Super Tarts must have one of the best branding for a wax company out there. I first heard of the company when I was scrolling through youtube videos. I thought that the name was boring UNTIL I actually watched a video and realised how unique it was. Super refers to Superheroes and the company is dedicated to the owner Brandy's son. House blends are named after superheroes and other comic book characters while scent shots are themed to superhero colours and are almost always two-toned, customised with in-beds and glitter (so much work for a scent shot!). Brandy also designs really cute stickers for the scent shots. I was so thrilled to receive my package to finally have this tarts in my hand.

Citrus Explosion
Loving this citrus blend. There's also something slightly perfume-y about it.

Cucumber Mint
I don't smell any mint but the cucumber is both sweet and fresh.

Honeydew Ya
Definitely one of my favourite scents in this order! I can say for sure, I love honeydew!

Pina Colada
I have a bottle of Bacardi's Pina Colada pre-mixed cocktail and the scent shot is almost identical to it but with a stronger, sweeter pineapple.

This smells like sweet toothpaste but surprisingly I really like it!

Sweet Lolli
Sweet and full of berries but there's also a slight artificial note.

Sugar Cookie
I so want to eat this! That's how good it is!

Sun Ripened Raspberries
I am not sure what sunshine is supposed to smell like but it's a yummy berry scent that I am looking forward to melt.

My first Cornbread scent. It's not as overtly bread-y as I thought it would be. It's really quite sweet.

If you haven't heard, Super Tarts is revamping their way of restocking the store. Previously, it was a limited inventory RTS and everyone would be rampaging through the store. For the next restock on 18 March, they are going to do it The Bathing Garden-style, opening up the store for unlimited orders for a few days, and then pouring to order! I love this style of opening, as long as you know when the store is open, you are gauranteed an order, no crazy clicking or rushing to check-out.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Haul | The Bathing Garden (1)

What everyone said is true, The Bathing Garden has some of the most beautiful clamshells around. The colours are gorgeous and each one decorated in a different manner that corresponds to its scents or to enhance the scent blend.

TAT was estimated at three weeks from the time you paid. I ordered on 21 January, invoice was issued on 23 January and I paid on the same day. I received my Click & Ship on 16 February! Customer service was excellent throughout. Progress on our orders were updated regularly on the Facebook page. You always knew what Shannon was up to, and if not Heather (her FB admin) will step in to help out! Shannon actually revealed that she poured 1200 tarts for orders made within the first 3 days of her restock! How crazy is that!

The Olive Lemon Grove
Citrus fruits of lemon and bergamot are intertwined with leafy olive branches and just a hint of sweetness. - Even though the fruits scents in this blend are often thought of as acidic and sharp, this is actually a very mellow, creamy citrus blend. Also a hint of soapiness. The hint of sweetness is accentuated by sugar crystals sprinkled onto the wax. (This is supposed to be a dupe of Lush's Olive Branch.)

Pink sugar, peppermint and vanilla. - This is a lovely blend of all three scents, I heard peppermint can be very overwhelming but this isn't so. To be honest though, I am not sure if I like Pink Sugar.

Marshmallow Cookie Jar
Layers of marshmallow and sweet frosted sugar cookies. - The marshmallow is so delicious! And the cookies, yum! I can't wait to melt this!

Lemon Curd & Rose Milk
Tart lemon curd layered over fresh cut roses blended with rich milk. - Mmm, I really like this combination. It's a rather sharp lemon but tempered very nicely with the rose. It cracked in transit so I popped one cube into my warmer. On warm, it smells exactly like the cold sniff. Oh, and this one is two toned, yellow on top and red below.

Cleopatra's Cream Bath
Butter, cream, milk, golden honey, rosewood and a hint of musk. Topped with a sprinkle of rose petals and glitter. - I am a big fan of honey scents and this one is beautiful for both its scent and decor. Smooth and sweet.

Vintage Circus
Blue cotton candy layered over candy apples. - This one is all sweet and candy-like, plus I love the winter candy apple scent. Another beautiful two-toner to denote the two scents, blue for the blue cotton candy on top and red for the winter candy apple below.

Gardenia Coconut Cream
White gardenia, shredded coconut and creamy vanilla. - This is such a beautiful sweet floral, the vanilla and coconut smoothens it out and I think even non-floral people would like it.

Ever Night
Lavender and lilac is highlighted with a touch of eucalyptus and blended with soft woods, white musk, and sugary vanilla. - The lavender is very strong and mostly what I smell. I hope the vanilla and musk will come out more in melting. It also has a small sprig of lavender embedded!

Vanilla Layered Root Beer Float
Creamy vanilla ice cream layered over bubbly root beer. - Amazing, so true to life!

Faerie Bonfire
A complex bonfire scent with notes of leaves, vanilla, and raspberry icing. - Comparing this with Two Timing Tart's This One Time at Summer Camp, this one is sweeter and a bit more complex.

Ophelia in Gold
Main notes of Raw honey, jasmine, and lily. Rounded out with hints of rose, bergamot, and musk. - This is such a generous freebie! It made my package smell so good! As you can probably tell now, I am a honey and floral fan.

Even though I barely melted anything in this order, the cold sniff was awesome enough for me to order during the most recent Alice in Wonderland-themed restock! I had such a hard time whittling my list of scents down to just 11 clamshells to fit into the envelope. Now, I have to figure out two more companies to order from in April (such a chore, huh!) to ship together with this order! I already know I want to order from K's Kreation. Hopefully, there will be an interesting restock or reopening soon!

Oh! And my Super Tarts, Crabby Candles and L3 Mystery Bag will be coming in this week! Super excited for them!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Haul | Front Porch Candle Co. (1)

Is there anything else left to say about Front Porch? They are always open, reliable, quick shipping, free shipping and with tons of stock! This is the vendor to go-to if you are a wax newbie or need a quick wax fix.

Apples and Peaches - I smell mostly the apple note in this tart. Fruity!

Blackberry Lemon Ice Cream
Blend of our Blackberry, Lemon, with Mexican Ice Cream - I like this blend of blackberry and lemon, have yet to notice the mexican ice cream. Hopefully it comes out during melting.

Butterfly Kisses
A fresh perfume blend with apple, rose, jasmine with a sweet background - Mmm, I like this. I really do love FP's apple scent even when blended with other scents.

Cherry Limeade
Just like the drink a refreshing jolt of cherry and limeade. Perfect! - I am smelling a maraschino-like cherry. No lime for now.

Clover and Aloe
Wonderful fresh scent of clover that is not too heavy on the green notes with undertones of aloe. Love it! - This is such a fresh scent, I love this!

Cotton Candy Apple Bread - The apple and the bread scent are really strong. I don't really smell the Cotton Candy as of yet.

Fruity Loops
Smells just like the real thing. Combination of fruity flavours to bring your favourite cereal aroma. - Re-order. So good!

Smells just like the fresh cut pears. Strong and fresh aroma. - So realistic! Yums!

Granny Smith Green Apple
Just like biting into the crisp, fresh Granny Smith Green Apple, strong aroma! - I usually get FP's Mac Apple so I really wanted to try Green Apple. This actually smells crunchy!

Lavender Noel - This smells plasticky on cold sniff. I catch the VBN though.

Lemon Mallow Strawberry Bread - I am getting the bread and something else which I can't really identify but I think it's the Lemon Mallow.

Loopy Marshmallow Bread - Fruit loops for now, not complaining!

Margarita Marshmallow Noel - Ooh, I like the Margarita in here. It's toned down by the sweetness of Marshmallow and VBN. This might be the favourite of this order.

Pink Sugar
The popular pink sugar type fragrance. Sugar that is pinked and spinned with cotton candy. - Straight up Pink Sugar, I wanted a pure note because I don't remember burning this by itself before.

Sweet Dreams
A wonderful blend of sweet lavender, pink sugar and coconut cream. Perfect for a baby shower! - I am getting a plastic and sweet note. I hope it disappears during melting.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Wax Notes | February 2014

Wild Honey (Ten Digit Creations)
This is such a beautiful scent. The cold throw doesn't prepare you for how amazing the warm throw will be. The honey is a major note and so true. My mum smells roses. After she mentioned that, I began to pick up more floral. This tart is crazy strong! I popped the whole tart into my ceramic bowl/11w hot plate warm and it has been burning for more than 16 hours. The throw is also amazing. It floated out of my room all the way down the stairs to our living room! Definitely on the re-order list!

Mandarin Cranberry (Yankee Candle Co.)
A very old tart that I got on sale at the Yankee counter at Takashimaya Department Store a year or so ago. It's just a pleasant sweet fruity scent. If I have to quibble, I think the Mandarin is a little stronger. The initial throw was strong enough to waft out of my room which in my books is medium-strong.

Wild Raspberry & Rhubarb (Dusk)
Gifted by a friend who visited Australia, I did a little research online and Dusk seems to be the Australian equivalent of Bath & Bodyworks or Yankee Candles. It has a nice raspberry scent but has a very weak throw. I had to get right up to my warmer to sniff it. Switched it out after about three hours.

White Candy Apple (Luna Bleu)
I think this was a freebie from my 2009 order. I hunted around the internet but I couldn't find a scent description. On cold sniff, I get mostly Winter Candy Apple (a scent I love!). Upon warming it up, I also get a chocolate scent. Unfortunately, these two scents doesn't blend that well together. I am glad to finally use it up!

Rejuvenate (Dusk)
So far my favourite and the strongest of the Dusk melts. This one has notes of rose and tangerine. The rose is strongest on cold throw but when its starts melting, the tangerine becomes more apparent. It's actually quite a nice blend together.

Island Spa (Yankee Candle Co.)
My first whiff on warm, I caught a laundry scent. The throw and scent is very very weak, it's also a very old tart. Only when I sniff very hard do I catch a faint citrus scent. It's probably a very scent when fresh.

Blueberries & Cherries (Front Porch Candle Co.)
This is my last tart from a free 4-pack that Front Porch used to give for orders above $25. I remember being so thrilled with the scent that I got, I popped it first into my warmer. It's a sweet, candy fruity scent. The cherry scent is stronger but here and there, I will get a whiff of the more sour blueberry note.

Nature's Bounty (Front Porch Candle Co.)
I can't seem to find the scent description for this tart. It smells spicy on cold sniff. And on warm, just as spicy. Do not like. Also, very weak scent throw. Oops, I forgot to take a picture of the tart itself so we will have to settle for the packet instead.

Caramel Corn (Lasting Scent Candles)
I don't remember liking this so much the last time I melted it. This is such a true to life scent, I can actually smell the popcorn kernels. Isn't that ridiculous! I might have to search out a few more caramel corn scents to figure out how much of this do I like. I am getting a medium throw with half a tart.

Lemon Curd & Rose Milk (The Bathing Garden)
I was so excited with my The Bathing Garden order that I immediately popped this into my warmer to try out this new-to-me vendor. I melted one cube in my tealight warmer and the throw is very direct and very strong within a medium range. The rose is the primary scent, and the tartness of the lemon counters the rose in a very pretty way. The milk gives it a creamy dimension, no sourness at all! My Mum also gives this the stamp of approval.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Haul | Two Timing Tart (1)

I ordered from Two Timing Tart during a clearance sale when Becky was clearing out stock to bring in a new wax formula. However, I did get Hello Sweetie in the new formula which was indicated on my invoice. I ordered on 26 January, received my Click & Ship on 29 January and it reached my Portland box on 31 January! That's really fast, considering TTT isn't even Becky's full time job!

I really like Two Timing Tart, their scent descriptions are witty and full of personality, the blends are complex and great-smelling, TAT is fast and customer service friendly and efficient. And Becky (the owner) has Doctor Who-inspired scents! Before this, I didn't realise that fandom could infiltrate the wax world, what choice did I have but to scoop them all up and dump them in my cart.

Hello Sweetie (new wax formula)
Who doesn't want to celebrate Valentine's Day with our favourite feminine psychopath? River Song always brings her mix of gunslinging and hallucinogenic lipstick kisses with her iconic phase - sprinkled throughout time and space, she is the one smartass that endures. A sheer wash of fruits, violets, and sandalwood masks the violent sociopathic nature of her love.

I smell a fruity-floral blend of sweet citrus and violets, without any sandalwood for now.

Madman With A Box
Anyone who hangs out with me more than five minutes knows that I have incurable love of Doctor Who. So what better way to salute my favourite show than a mix of blue agave, blueberry, lime, and freshly crushed peppermint candies? It's a little fruity, a lot crazy, and totally sonic. Who looked at a wax tart and thought it could be a bit more sonic? This Whovian.

I can't discern the blue agave and blueberry separately but they are strong together, drowning the lime out. These three scents are then pitted against the sweet peppermint, making it a really refreshing scent! Definitely one for a hot day.

Still Not Ginger
What is the Doctor's fascination with gingers, anyway? Redheads aren't any better than - oh wait. Yeah, nevermind. I forgot that gingers are mutants and abnormalities are what the Doctor thrives on. Duuuuh, silly me. Get your non-ginger self perked up with this shamefully delicious mix of fizzy gingle ale, orange peel, and pink sugar.

For me, the gingle ale and orange citrus tops the pink sugar. Loving the faint hint of fizzyness too! Yum!

The Sound of Drums
When you look into the time vortex, it looks into you. And sometimes, you'll go mad in the process. This is the scent of something so very familiar and yet slightly unhinged with insanity; serendipity touched with the depravity of dragons blood resin.

This is one strong blend, the musk from dragons blood and coconut from serendipity being the strongest scents I can discern. Very sexy.

Daydreamer (discontinued)
Lose yourself in the clouds and zone out to the scent of citrus musk, sandalwood, and a warm rush of cassis, lemongrass, and kiwi.

A citrus, herbal musk scent. Again, the musk is very strong!

Drunk Photography
Because everyone wants to see your boobs - or your junk. Especially when it's sepia-toned. Wait, hold on, how about a random shaky shot of that ceiling fan? Have another one - a three olive gin martini with a twist of yuzu.

I really like this one, sour-sweet citrus!

Drunk Texting
It's difficult to understand QWERTY keyboards when you're drunk. Damn autocorrect - I didn't really mean to text my dad...crap. The scent of a cucumber mojito that tipped the scales in favor of drunken textual mayhem.

Mmm, I smell the freshness of the cucumber. I can definitely see this being melted in a spa/resort setting. Must be that mojito!

Drunk Tweeting
140 characters, alcohol, and a QWERTY keyboard...what could possibly go wrong? This is the scent of a coconut-mango mojito, and a hella possession of the ability to crunch down words into nonsensical letters.

Another mojito scent but this one is very fruity, that mango is amazing! Another hit!

Captain Tightpants
Let's hear it for Malcolm Reynolds, the only Firefly captain out there who runs around in fake buckskin breeches. Earth That Was would be so proud, Captain Tightpants. Rice flowers, sandalwood, patchouli and seasalt.

Wow, another strong scent! The seasalt is strong and made powdery, soft and feminine by the rice flowers.

This One Time at Summer Camp
Formerly known as Suck It, BBW, this is the warm delicious scent of a fireside marshmallow melting party: twigs, leaves, berries, smoke, and toasted marshmallows. This is what Marshmallow Fireside from BBW wishes it could be.

All I can think of is this is sweet. I compared it with the candle of Marshmallow Fireside and this one definitely beats it in terms of cold scent throw!

Silk Sheets
Forget silk stockings - any woman with a penchant for love knows that silk sheets are the way to go. The feeling of silk on bare skin is almost as sexy as this mix of musk, vanilla, and the most exquisitely soft cherry blossoms.

I love this one so much, it's so pretty and feminine. Can't get enough!

Make a good cup of tea - vanilla tea and Moroccan mint - and show a little knee, ladies. Just don't get caught winking and blowing kisses at the married men.

I want this in a tea cup to sip for the afternoon! I actually smell a little lemon in it too!

I was really surprised that Becky included 3 free scent shots as part of my order. It's so generous especially when I bought from her during a clearance sale! These scent shots are all Blue Sugar blends and are tester scents because she labels them with their scent notes rather than a name. I have never tried Blue Sugar or its blends before so these are totally new to me.

Blue Sugar Gin Martini
A powdery, sour citrus.

Blue Sugar Lavender Martini
I smell the same base as Blue Sugar Gin Martini but the lavender really amps up the blend. The lavender is leaning towards laundry spectrum for me.

Blue Sugar Toddy
Yucks. The toddy is the more powerful of the two scents. only upon further sniffing do I discern the blue sugar base. Not my thing.