Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Wax Notes | June 2015 (1)

When you read this post, I will be in Brisbane, Australia for a one-week vacation! :) I have been really looking forward to this week of vacation for a long time, having had a frantic few months of work! It feels so good to relax in laid-back Australia with good food, good coffee, wandering around and exploring a city I am slowly becoming familiar with.

Red Mac Apple (Ten Digit Creations)
A straight-forward sweet, crunchy fall apple scent. Medium high scent throw, medium scent impact.

Winter's Dream (Tiffany Candles)
It's always fun to try a new scent that you wouldn't normally buy on your own. This is a cinnamon, clove and mulberry blend. It's slightly spicy and I smell more clove than cinnamon. I imagine this is how a cabin set deep in the wintry woods would smell like. Medium scent throw and impact.

Creme de la Creme (Crabby Candle Co.)
Sweet and creamy, and just a touch more complicated than straight up vanilla. I keep thinking of cookies! High scent throw, medium high scent impact.

Marshmallow Cookie Jar (The Bathing Garden)
A sweet, marshmallow scent. I am was very disappointed by the throw on this wax and I am wondering is it because of the age of the wax? This was part of the January 2014 restock. Does anyone have the same experience?

Tweetledum's Dilemma (The Bathing Garden)
This scent says grape serendipity  but I keep thinking apple apple apple! This scent is really good! Medium throw, medium high scent impact.

Banana Best Friends Boo Berry (L3WW)
Another company that might be losing its scent with age, I smell a faint creamy fruity-banana scent. I am definitely not one for the banana scents.

So Fresh (Smelly Buttons)
I almost forgot I have a few of this Australian wax company's tarts that I need to use. They are approximately a year old as well. This is probably a dupe of a Marc Jacob's Daisy Eau So Fresh perfume, at least that's what Google told me when I googled So Fresh. It's a lovely, perfumey, powdery scent. Medium throw, medium scent impact.

Vanilla Lime (Ten Digit Creations)
This scent has ambitions of sweetening and softening a sour scent but I don't think it succeeded. Medium throw, medium scent impact.

Lemon Noel Smoothie (Rosegirls)
This scent is Fruit Loops without the cereal note! Very, very yummy! A little disappointed with the throw being weaker than I hoped. Medium throw, medium impact.

Fencing Master (Thirty Street Wax)
I really like this scent, so much that I would repurchase! A twist on your fruity scent with that dab of sea salt, it becomes a fresh seaside-esque scent! Medium high scent throw, medium scent impact

Sea of Tears (The Bathing Garden) - Not pictured.
I like this scent a lot on cold throw. On warm, it's a very soapy, perfumy scent and a little bit overwhelming.

Lime Coco (Smelly Buttons) - Not pictured.
So weak a throw I can't really discern any lime or the coconut. :(

Repeat Melts
Boo Berry Zucchini Bread Vanilla Bean Noel (L3WW)
Prince Humperdink (Thirty Street Wax)
Tweetledum's Epiphany (The Bathing Garden)
Pomegranate, Grape Muscadine, Blue Raspberry Slushee (Sniff My Tarts)
Happy (Streetman Candle Co)

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Wax Favourites | June 2015

When I came back to the wax world last January, I was immediately struck by how much the wax world has changed with the various ways to make an order and the many different business models. It took awhile to figure out all these new processes, learn the new lingo and check out vendors I have never heard before previously. The community has also exploded. Before it used to centre around MakeUpAlley but now Facebook is king. I am not a big Facebook participant because I am not quite there with the community's rhythm and quirks but I do read most everyday and I like to share when I come across a scent I really really like!

(Wax Collection, June 2015)

With so many existing vendors to try and new ones popping up every month, it took me some time to work through enough vendors to figure out my favourites - businesses that excite me and I would re-order from again and again.

Before I start discussing my favourites, I want to give you some context into how I melt because it does influence my vendor preferences, given the range of wax products out there. I have two warmers that I use interchangeably at home. The smaller cream one can comfortably fit 0.8oz-1.2oz or approx. 2 clamshell cubes while the larger one works for bigger cups and chunks. I also have a third warmer in my office. Since I melt mostly in small spaces like my room or my office, I prefer to melt smaller quantities and I find it a hassle to have to cut up bigger pieces of wax. I find that bigger chunks does not always equate to a stronger throw. My theory is that a shallower/wide scent pool allows for the throw to "evaporate" further as opposed to a thicker/same width scent pool.

I have been thinking about this post for a long time and what are the criteria I use to define my favourites. I have come up with the following (in no particular order):
  • Scent List Diversity: I am not a bakery lover, preferring fruity, fresh and floral scents so any company I like must have a diverse and interesting scent list.
  • Product Performance: Must have a very good scent throw and impact.
  • Customer Service: I think this goes without saying that all customers appreciate good customer service from a business.
  • Communications: This could be categorised under customer service but I thought it deserved its own point. Constant communications from a vendor is very important especially as the TAT is a longer one. I find that it helps make the wait more bearable.
  • Ease of Ordering: Be it via a website or a Facebook group, an always-open website or restocks, having clear instructions and a simple process for ordering smoothes the way to completing an order. Convoluted instructions and badly organised websites turns me off from ordering, no matter how raved about their products.
  • Turn-Around-Time: Like everyone else, I prefer a company with a fast TAT but I am also fine with waiting a few months if the products are superb.
And finally, on to the list of favourites!

Enchanted Candle Company

Enchanted Candle Company, owned by Debra Henry Galvan, burst onto the scene early last year, I remember seeing some small hauls in a Facebook group and I was intrigued by the Disney themed scents, and went off to investigate the company. I found a delightful company with a diverse scent list of clean and elegant scent blends. I don't think I have come across a scent that I actively dislike, everything I received have been really really good. There is a clean and simple style to her branding and the wax shapes that she offers, sometimes themed to the collection (which is adorable). I like that the wax shapes she offers are smaller than most which allows for me to melt it in my smaller warmer. She also offers different quantities which is great once you have found a favourite! Her TAT is very reasonable and her wax consistently throws well for me! It's no wonder that this is my most-ordered company (5 orders)! Unfortunately, she has closed up shop this year to concentrate on her health and there are no plans to open back up.


Rosegirls, by Jenny Oaks, is undoubtedly one of the biggest companies in the wax business and has even expanded to a retail store in their hometown! While they are famous for their bakery blends, Jenny also has a great range of non-bakery scents and blends. Her bakery blends are so yummy sounding and so talked-about that even I want to order them! The wax is beautifully made and one of the most colourful and distinctive chunks out there. However, they are sold in bigger quantities with no option for singles so be prepared to spend a little more. I have had two orders so far, a sampler and a customs order. Ordering is via an easy to use website with the very helpful feature of a wishlist registry. You have to join the Facebook group to receive information on the openings and what is available each time. It's also where Jenny communicates with customers throughout the TAT, she is very consistent and conscientious about it, which I really like. Another thing I really like is how she is always trying to innovate her business model to satisfy her fan base!

Ten Digit Creations

Out of the five companies, I have been ordering from Ten Digit Creations the longest! Ken and Amber offers an amazing scent list (heavy on fresh, fruity and spa scents), one of the best prices in the business with regular specials and a lot of flexibility in buying small or large quantities of wax. Their single wax melt is a perfect 1oz for my bigger warmer and I love unwrapping them to pop one full tart in. The branding is clean and simple, and very recognisable after their many years in business. They are almost always open and one of the best things about TDC is their ridiculously quick TAT (1-3 days)! This is a unpretentious, friendly company that I would recommend specifically for a wax beginner!

Tiffany Candles

Tiffany Candles is the latest entrant to make my list of favourites! Her wax have been throwing extremely well for me and I made a second order recently that includes my first TC scoopable! Like TDC, I love the size of her single wax melt in a traditional fluted shape (about 1 oz) and she has a range of wax products from small to large quantities. Her scent list is moderate, on the smaller side, but it covers all the basic scent groups and she has really interesting blends during her RTS restocks. Tiffany runs a hybrid ordering system where her website is open almost all the time with RTS stock and items from her re-stocks. For the first week of every month, you can also make custom orders. Her TAT is very quick (up to a week). Another plus for Tiffany, she refunds shipping overages!

Two Timing Tart


I love Two Timing Tart mostly for its scent list, it is probably the most unique list out there among the vendors. Becky Anderson creates scent blends like no other vendors! Like Rosegirls, TTT operates out of Facebook with updates about upcoming restocks for the website. The wax is priced very reasonably and the website is easy to use. Her current wax formula throws well for me and I recently have a new order to confirm this. However, her restocks are very irregular because Becky works on TTT on top of her regular day job. There is also an element of the unknown because different shapes, quantities and scents are offered at each restock and you never know which of your favourites is going to come back.

So there you go, here are my favourite companies as of June 2015! Do you have your own list of favourites, share them with me because I still like to try new companies even as I solidify my favourites! :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Haul | Enchanted Candle Company (5)

I am finally posting up my mega Enchanted Candle Company haul from it's March re-opening. This is going to be bittersweet because this might be my last Enchanted haul ever, as Debra is halting her business to concentrate on her health. She mentioned that she might do some RTS now and then, so never say never right? I am just glad I made such a big order on this one because I really love her stuff. It's going to take a couple of years for me to use them all up but it will be a sad day when I drop that last piece of wax into my warmers. This order had a TAT of about a month.

For this order, I mixed it up with custom blends, new-to-me house blends and re-purchases of my favourites. As part of the special deal she was running during the order, I qualified for three 4-packs where I could choose the scents. It was such a great deal overall!

This is the first haul that I received with my own custom blends and I was really excited to sniff what I had created, would they smell great or would they smell like poop?

Cup of Earl + Honey Tree + Walt's Lemon Meringue Pie
These are three of my favourite scents and I thought they would meld together into for a tea-time scent. It's sweet and surprisingly pepperminty, with undertones of lemon if I sniff harder. I hope the tea scent will come out stronger upon melting.

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice + Peppermint + Duchess
For this blend, I was trying to inject an added dose of minty freshness into the energy of the orange juice, sweetening the overall blend with Duchess. I think I succeeded! 

Honey Tree + Jack Frost

My take on a sweet, sleepy time scent, I really like this one!

Mac Apple + Cup of Earl + Powdered Sugar

I have been looking for an Apple Tea scent for awhile but since there isn't any blends out there, I thought I would just make my own, and it is yummy! I am loving this!

Bow Chicka Wow Wow Sultan, Rose Jam and Due at 6.02 (Created by Roselie Freeman)
What an interesting blend, I can't believe how well the leather scent from Due at 6.02 blends with Sultan and Rose Jam. I can definitely detect Sultan in there (because I love it so much).

Crisp Nectarine Vanilla, mint and nectarine
This is one of my favourite new scents from Enchanted! The nectarine scent is so sweet, so juicy and so energising! How do I get more of this?!

Fruit & Fluff Oranges, apples, pears and melons coasted in rich whipped cream
Another awesome fruity scent, with the oranges and apples being stronger than the rest, the whipped cream is in the mix, sweetening it out but not as strong as I thought it might be.

Liberty Tree An old towering oak tree with the added crispness of a Macintosh Apple
So much apple goodness in this scent! I don't really get the oak tree yet because the apple is so overwhelming.

Long Winter's Nap Vanilla, lavender, peppermint and pink sugar

Rose Jam Lush dupe of a very sweet rose and a hint of fresh strawberry
Now I know why this is such a popular scent,I am not sure if I would like it in a bath & body product, might be too overwhelming for me. But it's a great home scent, sweet and just a little bit fruity with that faint note of strawberry.

The Mash Apple, pumpkin and cranberry

This is the only kind of Fall scents that I like, the blend of these three scents are so good!

Tiana Waterlily with a touch of sweet, fresh mint

I have been eyeing this scent for awhile because it sounds so lovely, and it really is! Fresh, flora and aquatic, fit for a Disney princess!

Cashmere & Silk Fresh vanilla with sandalwood, patchouli, and musk accented by rose, violet and apricot (free sample)
A beautiful fresh and floral scent, and although it has no aquatic and watery accords I am somehow detecting them.

Lilacs & Lemonade (free sample)
Another winner! I really like how an acidic lemonade scent is tempered by the beautiful lilac floral note, and the lilac note is made more interesting by the lemonade! Someone find me another vendor who does this blend!

Thunderstorm Till Death To Us Part, Winds in the East, Riverboat (free sample)
A blend by Rosalie Freeman, this is a gorgeous, fresh scent that is sweeter and muskier than a real thunderstorm. I love it!

All of these 8oz bags are re-purchases because I love them!

Cup of Earl Sweet herbal cup of Earl Grey tea that is both fresh and clean

Number 17 Cherry Tree Lane English scones and a freshly brewed pot of tea

Springtime Breaktime Sweet sugared cookies, honey and a refreshing glass of lemonade

The Sultan's Moroccan Massage Oil Rosemary, peppermint and lavender

This was really a fabulous order, there is nothing in there I don't like! I can only hope Debra will be able to recover and possibly go back into business again someday because I really really want everyone to be able to try her wax and love them as much as I do. Not to mention, I never want to be out of Enchanted.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Order of the Odor | Volume 10

Welcome to the Order! We are so excited to bring you two new members to the Order: Michelle from Waxing About and Liz from Furianne! These ladies write awesome blog posts about smelly stuff and we are honored to have them join us. Please chime in on our question this month:

Have you had any wax ordering frustrations?

I am so excited to join the Order of the Odor and to be able to interact with everybody as we indulge in this waxy hobby of ours! So with this very first post, I am going to share my experiences in wax ordering, I hope you do too!

By and large, ordering wax has been a smooth process for me. I have rarely had any frustrations because I try my best to understand the wax ordering process of each company before I plunge in and I keep expectations low for TAT. So what I am going to say next, it may rankle with some but I would like to be honest about it.

Recently, I found myself frustrated with Sniff My Tarts. I ordered during the October 2014 opening and I knew it would take awhile to get to me because I ordered during the second opening. The list began moving at a regular pace (which surprised me because of the holidays) but in February of the year, it suddenly stagnated and it took two months before any new updates. I understand there were several huge orders and it takes awhile to get through those orders. But what really frustrated me was the lack of communication from the owners, leaving the remaining customers wondering what had happened. If I had some inkling that there was a problem and the process is going longer than expected, a quick message would have helped me adjust my expectations and patience level to the new situation. But without it, I was just stewing at my computer wondering what had happened, it's no fun being kept in the dark. Added to the frustration of lack of communication was also watching the Dream Boxes fly out and flash sales being conducted in the group, that really made me feel like my order was being neglected, even if it may not have been the case, but that's how I felt. :(

Now, let's find out what the other members of the Order have been up to this past month:

Deb hauled from a newer wax vendor and is quite impressed with their TAT, scents, throw and pricing. What new vendor has snared Deb's hard to capture attention? Come and find out, you will want to order too!

There is a vendor that Sunnee tries to never miss a sale from. Check out her most recent post showcasing just such a sale haul. Her gorgeous photos and blend picks are sure to create a lemming. 

Jamie Lauren Cupcakery and Confection in Wax (JLCCW), a old popular vendor who closed and is now slated to re-open (for the second time- fingers crossed!) has a reputation for cute and strong throwing wax creations. Liz was one of the lucky old crew that hauled a nice order before JLCCW closed and is reviewing some. Check out how JLCCW wax is faring years later.

Mystery tarts, custom brittle and scent shots that have lightening fast TAT are all great things but when the brittle is Pink Peppermint you KNOW that is the cherry on top. And you probably know who hauled it.... Lauren! Haul posts are rare gems from her, so make sure not to miss this one!

Lasting Scent Candles announced they are closing, but will still be selling off their stock on their website with announcements on Facebook, until they run out. Julie shares her recent LSC haul with wishes we can all grab some last stragglers before they are gone forever.

Plum Wine Sandalwood, Jasmine Vanilla Green Tea Peach, and M'Lady's Boudoir fragrances... can you guess what vendor these unusual and innovative blends hails from? Michelle shares her recent haul that includes these cool scents, great photos and ordering information.  

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Wax Notes | May 2015

I had a lot going on this past month, racing around to get things done, travelling to Manila for a conference, a huge presentation & report that I just completed and trying to have a semblance of a social life. Some nights, I came home so late that I didn't have time to freeze out my wax to put in new ones which means I melted really really little this month.

In other wax news, my name was finally tagged by SMT, it has been shipped out and it's now sitting pretty in my US mailbox and I can't wait to get it! I am also waiting for a Tiffany's order that I made on Saturday during her restock. I think I am done for a little while, or so I say...

Barbie Girl (Tiffany Candles)
I bought this scent because I was curious about how kiwi would blend. I am happy to report that this is absolutely beautiful floral-fruity blend with an airy, aquatic quality to it, rounded off by a base of tropical notes of pineapples and pears. I don't think I have melted anything quite like this. Medium scent throw, medium high scent impact.

Lemon Slices (Ten Digit Creations)
A clean and fresh lemon bordering on soap-like. High throw, medium high scent impact.

Marilyn's Margarita (Rosegirls)
I was searching for a fresh and citrusy scent among my stash (it gets so hard nowadays) and I decided I need to melt through my RG sampler from April 2014. I found this one and I love it! The lemon & lime isn't as sharp as I feared. But it's the exact blend of sweet and citrus that I wanted on a hot hot Sunday! And it even has a tinge of salt!

Moscato (Ten Digit Creations)
A sweet, full-bodied, candy grape scent. Nothing like a moscato in my opinion but very pleasant. Medium high throw, medium scent impact.

Raspberry Streuselkuchen (Rosegirls)
It's a cool, rainy day and I wanted a comforting fruity-bakery scent to accompany me today. The raspberry scent is strongest for me, fruity and sprightly, with only a hint of soft bakery. Medium high scent throw, medium scent impact.

Zucchini Bread, Serendipity Smoothie, Strawberry Jam (Sniff My Tarts)
A sweet, comforting scent. I find that the smoothie note is the strongest. Occasionally, the strawberry jam sneaks through and it's really good! I am really beginning to really like jam-type scents. Medium high scent throw, medium scent impact.

Boo Berry, Zucchini Bread, VBN (L3WW)
This scent is surprisingly quiet, I was expecting it to hit me a little harder, what with the zucchini and the VBN. Could it be the age of the wax, it's about a year old? It's sweet and bread-y from what I can smell. :( Medium-high, medium-low scent impact.

Lady Tremaine (Enchanted Candle Co.)
I think this might be my favourite Lavender scent from Enchanted, the rest are a bit too laundry!Lavender whereas this one is significantly softer and greener, tamed by the tea and berry scent notes.

Champagne, Pomegranate, Grapefruit, Rock Candy (Super Tarts) - Not pictured
I found this chunk lurking in one my wax stash boxes and I decided to melt it because it's on the older side. Weirdly, I keep thinking of sweet cookies when I melt this one.

Repeat Melts
Tea with The Queen of Hearts (The Bathing Garden)
Pomegranate Wildberry Mousse (L3WW)
Sultan (Enchanted)
Bodacious Bowser (Rosegirls)
Mandarin Oranges, Pomegranate, Satsuma (SMT)