Thursday, November 20, 2014

Wax Notes | Nov 2014 (1)


I have been away for a little while, haven't I? It's been a busy last few weeks for me, I went on a solo vacation to Kaohsiung, Taiwan (an amazing experience), catching up on work and attending training courses. I almost forgot it was time to put up this fortnightly melts post. So rest assured, I am still here and melting! Confession: I cheated a little, I included a couple melts that were started before 1 Nov.

So is everyone making big plans for Black Friday / Small Business Saturday sales? I am hoping to make a few orders, my last for the year, and I would like for them to be vendors I have yet to try. I am hoping for Tiffany Candles, I Heart Wax, K's Kreations, Sugar & Spice or Streetman's. What about you?

Capriolo (Crabby Candle Company)
This was one of the favourites of my order with Crabby and it really is fantastic during the melting! It's an airy, fruity scent and while the scent reminds me of lychees, it makes my colleague think of raspberries! I am always amused at the different reactions from my colleagues when I melt in the office. It's fun!

Toasted Marshmallow & Twinkies (CFTKR)
I was a little worried about this scent because my cold sniff impression include a burnt note but when melted, it's just marshmallow through and through. A consistent high-thrower!

Fall Berry (Glitterati Candle Co.)
I like this combination of green leaves and cranberry! A very pleasant, natural scent. I wonder if Fall really does smell like this? And don't underestimate this tiny sample, there's actually a lot more wax than it seems. Throw is medium to medium-high

Citrus Explosion (Super Tarts)
What the name says, a huge swirl of citrus scents! I can't pick any specific one out and I really don't care too! I just like how energising and uplifting this is.

Raspberry Cream Filled Twinkies (CFTKR)
Oh my, the raspberry scent is absolutely delicious in here, I can almost imagine biting into a treat like this with Raspberry cream squirting out! It is so good!

Mad Hatter's Tea Party (The Bathing Garden)
I smell neither mint nor tea distinctly but there is a rather pleasant and soothing lime scent. Very weird but very nice too. Medium low scent throw.

Repeat Melts
Sleepy (The Bathing Garden)
Ever Night (The Bathing Garden)
Cotton Candy Cheesecake (L3WW)
Pink Sugar Milk (CFTKR)
Honeydew, Strrawberry & Creamsicle (Super Tarts)