Saturday, January 16, 2016

Wax Notes | Jan 2016 (1)

This two weeks have been an absolutely bonkers for me! I worked more 15-hour days and weekends that I would have liked. And it's not going to get any easier for the rest of the month. So despite all of that, I am surprised that I managed to melt as much as I did, which goes to show I should never use busyness as a excuse for not melting! How about you, how was your January?

Alice in Wonderland (Rosegirls)
I am not sure if I like this scent now that I am melting it. It's pleasant but it doesn't get me excited. Medium high scent throw, medium scent impact.

Surfer Girl (Vintage Chic Scents)
The strongest notes I am smelling is the coconut and the graham cracker crust. It's quite yummy and today is a rainy day which calls for a comforting scent. To be honest, whenever I pick up Surfer Girl, I keep thinking it's a fresh, marine scent from its name but then I sniff it and I put it down because of the graham cracker. But I really need to melt my VCS stash because I have had them for 1.5 years (omg, that long!). Medium scent throw, medium scent impact.

Creamy Fruit Slices (Tiffany Candles)
I wanted something energising for my first office melt of the year so I picked this one. It was just right, citrusy enough to jazz up my mood but mellow enough to ease back into the work week after a four-day weekend! High scent throw, medium scent impact.

Lavender Cream (Candles From The Keeping Room)
I was surprised by the initial candy sweetness that this scent pumped out first. I had left the room for a bath when I started the melt. But later it becomes a good ol' herbal lavender that really gets into your lungs when you take a deep breath. Really nice! Medium high throw, medium high scent impact.

Sea Salt & Rice Flower (Ten Digit Creations)
Really liked this scent, it was just the right amount of salty, fresh and sweet. It also wasn't as "heavy" a scent as I thought it would be. Medium throw, medium scent impact. Longevity of the scent was shorter than I expected from a TDC tart.

Lazy Summer Days (Vintage Chic Scents)
I am rather surprised at the performance of this VCS wax, the power of it was much weaker than I had come to expect of VCS. I could smell very little of this scent, The most of it being a sweet honeydew. Low throw, medium scent impact. [Oops, labelled the picture wrongly! Sunny Days is an RG scent!]

Sea Berry (Ten Digit Creations)
A fairly nondescript marine scent. I thought the berries scent note would be stronger and mix with the marine note but it's not really happening. I can see why this scent is leaving the TDC line-up. Medium high throw, medium high scent impact. (EDIT: On second melt, the sweet berry scent is coming through more strongly and it's really a very nice scent.)

Bubblegum Ice Cream (Sassy Girl Aroma)
I didn't detect any bubblegum scent, maybe because this piece of wax is pretty old? I remember thinking that it sounds like fruit loops though which is kind of weird. Lol! Medium throw, low scent impact.

Repeat Melts
Spring in Hundred Acre Woods (Enchanted)
Over The Moon (Rosegirls)
Fresh Flowers (Smelly Buttons)

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Band of Bloggers | Vol 1 / January 2016

Welcome to the revamped version of Order of the Odor.  We've reorganized and are expanding our monthly topics beyond just all things smelly.  We hope you visit each member's blog to see their contribution each month, and we hope you participate too by leaving your own answers in the comments.

To kick off a new year and a new group effort, we asked . . . 
What vendor (wax or anything) are you MOST excited to order from this year?

This year, while I intend to severely limit my purchase of wax in favour of a determined push to pare down my current stash, this hasn't stopped me from keeping my eye on a few vendors! Wax addict alert! (What, you don't think like that? Why are you reading this! JK!)

I am most interested to purchase from Sugar & Spice Gourmet Soy, Haley's Heavenly Scents and Candles by Victoria. These are all veteran companies that have stood the test of time and trends in the wax community. I have had them on list of to-buys for ages but I kept pushing them back in favour of other openings because I knew they would always be there.

CBV will likely be the first purchase because of their annual Super Bowl Sale (if they run it again) which almost always have a great discount. The timing of the sale (Feb) is a little earlier that I would like but this just gives me a good incentive to keep melting!

What about you, what vendors do you intend to order from this year? I would love to know! I haven't had my pulse on the wax world for the last six months or so, are there any new, up and coming vendors I should look into? Tell me!

Don't forgot to visit the rest of the Band of Bloggers to find out their answers to this question. Waxy conversations are fun!


Please visit these Band of Bloggers blogs
and help support the blogger community!

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Thank you, and have a great day!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Wax Notes | Nov & Dec 2015

Happy New Year!
Merry Christmas!
Happy Thanksgiving!

All my holidays greetings to you that I missed earlier because I have pretty much lost my blogging and melting mojo. It is a little hard to blog when there is nothing to blog about. I will be back for a little bit in the next few weeks because I broke my NO-BUY during the Black Friday for Pocket Full of Peonies (a newish vendor) and Tiffany Candles (couldn't resist a restock). So yay, hauls!

Green Tea & Willow (Ten Digit Creations)
If the colour green had a scent, I would this would be it. It smells fresh and sweet in a natural way. This is a scent for spring or if you are in the mood for spring!

Annette's Secret Sangria (K's Kreations)

Blackberry Cotton Candy Wafflecone (Rosegirls)

Clementine Lavender (CFTKR)
I thought it would be a softer scent but it's rather sharp and sometimes I think ginger when I get a sniff. Medium throw, medium scent impact.

Twisted Lemon (Ten Digit Creations) - Not Pictured
A more acidic lemon scent, it energises me when I sniff this. Medium throw, medium scent impact.

Peppermint Meringue (Ten Digit Creations) - Not Pictured
Heavier on the meringue than the peppermint. Medium high throw, medium scent impact. Surprisingly this tart lost its scent really quickly. Generally, TDC lasts 2-3 melts for me.

Singing in the Rain (Rosegirls)
You know what, I don't think I care what is really in the blend. All I care about is that it's lovely and I never want to be out of it!

Bailey's in Bed (Crabby Candle Co.)
Creamy and just sweet enough to qualify this as bakery, this is one of the few bakery type scents that I can tolerate. It's not outright boozy but it does suggest that this is an adult scent. Medium scent throw, medium scent impact.

Christmas Cookies (Tiffany Candles)

Lavender (Tiffany Candles) - Not Pictured
I really loved this rendition of Lavender by Tiffany Candles. It's very different from other Lavender scents I have tried so far. Much more herbal, less sweet. Medium scent impact, medium high scent throw.

Vanilla Nutmeg (Thirty Street Crafts)
I was looking for something not-bright and not-fruity and I reached for this one. The vanilla is just sweet enough to temper the nutmeg down to mellow. Beautiful this one. High scent impact, medium high scent throw. This scent really lingers in your space and it lasts forever. I think I must have melted it 4 times at least and the scent barely weakened!

Gabi's Melonade Stand (Enchanted Candle Company)
Loving this scent. It's much more mellow a lemonade scent than you would think and I think it's due to the sweetness of the watermelon. Lovely! So sad I won't be able to get more. High scent throw, high scent impact.

Delicate Daisy (Rosegirls)
This scent was ridiculously perfume-y sweet that I had to switch off my warmer several times in between to breath a little. Definitely not for me. Medium throw, medium impact.

Over The Moon (Rosegirls)
An unmemorable scent, I think it was sweet.

Avocado & Sea Salt (Ten Digit Creations)
Don't let the name of the scent scare you away, this is primarily a marine-based scent with hints of sweetness coming through at times (the scent notes includes grapefruit and rose). I feel that the avocado helps to mellow the sharpness that marine scents can get. High scent throw, medium scent impact.

Repeat Melts
Nilla Strawberry Noel (Rosegirls)
Serendipity (Ten Digit Creations)
Sinus Relief (Tiffany's Candle)
Japanese Honeysuckle (Smelly Buttons)
French Pear (Smelly Buttons)