Favourite Scents & Blends

Favourite Scents (Across the Board)
Cactus & Sea Salt
Fruit Loops
Lavender (Herbal)
Lemon Tea
Pink Peppermint


Front Porch Candle Co.
Apple Orchard
Clover & Aloe
Fruity Loops
Granny Smith Green Apple
Margarita Marshmallow Noel (Margarita)

Ten Digit Creations
Wild Honey

Two Timing Tart
Drunk Photography
Lemon Juniper
Silk Sheets

L3 Waxy Wonders
Bite Me Serendipity Bubble Gum
Spring Breeze

Super Tarts
Cucumber Mint

The Bathing Garden
The Olive Lemon Grove

Up The Creek
Blueberry blends

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