Sunday, August 30, 2015

Wax Notes | August 2015

Hello everyone! How has everyone been this summer! I have been really busy with work and travel that's why I haven't been very much on the blog. But I did manage to schedule a couple of haul posts from Tiffany Candles and One Little Indian Scents, I hope you enjoyed that. I still have two more hauls to share from Sniff My Tarts and Candles From The Keeping Room. So look out for that!

Wildberry & Sweet Lemon Confection (Rosegirls)
I really wanted to like this blend more than I did. I think it was the Wildberry note that was turning me off. I would want to buy Sweet Lemon Confection in just the Mini-melters for the pure scent note. Medium scent throw, medium scent impact.

Happy Days (Vintage Chic Scents)
A clean, laundry scent. Laundry scents are really too strong for me, and with the addition of the clean cotton scent note, it's a double whammy. But if you like laundry scents, I would say you would love this scent. Medium-high scent throw, medium high scent impact.

Bartlett Pear (K's Kreations)
I am going to stand by my initial thoughts on this on cold-sniff when I said it smelt like apples. Essentially, it's a juicy fruity scent. Medium scent throw, medium low scent impact.

Peach Peppermint Schnapps (K's Kreations)
No throw and scent. Very disappointing. :(

Strawberry Mint Ice Cream (Rosegirls)
I mostly get a sweet strawberry scent, the mint is very slight and only wafts in and out. My colleague did comment that it was a little artificial smelling. Medium throw, medium scent impact.

Satsuma (Thirty Street Wax)
In the mood for an energetic scent (even thought it's at night) so I reached for this. It's great, exactly what I want for in a satsuma scent. Satsuma is sharper than orange and not as sugar sweet. Medium high throw, medium high scent impact.

Repeat Melts
Happy (Streetman Candle Co.)
Springtime Breaktime (Enchanted Candle Co.)
Long Winter's Nap (Enchanted Candle Co.)
Pink Sugar Rose Red (Two Timing Tart)

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Haul | Tiffany Candles (2)

I wasn't planning on a Tiffany Candles order but when I put in a request for a Sinus Relief scoopable and it got made and put on the list for a restock, I knew I had to order. I am very happy with the entire order, everything smells good and strong on cold sniff. TC is really becoming one of my go-to vendors for a wax fix!

Green Apple Macintosh
Wow, this is good. It's true to the scent of a Green Apple, just a little bit tart. It's also just that little more bit more fresh than juicy.

Sinus Relief Clear your head with this eucalyptus, spearmint and peppermint blend.
A family favourite, it works wonders with snuffed noses and congested chests. This is also my first scoopable and I am looking forward to trying out this new type of wax!

Stress Relief A beautifully balanced, calming blend of lavender, coriander, sage, touched with a hint of star anise.
Like its description, this is a beautiful calming blend. At the same time, it is also fresh and clean.

Honey Bunny Sparkling notes of bergamot, sweet orange and crisp apple; followed by rich, golden honey nectar, toffee bits, and soft white musk mingling together to create a sweet treat as natural as sunshine.
I suspect this is a dupe of Lush's Honey I Wash The Kids soap. So if you are looking for dupes, get this one!

Cactus & Sea Salt Shimmering green cactus mingled with clean ocean air, sea spray, driftwood and sea moss. A sea side blend of fresh ozone notes on a base of sweet musk.
An enduring favourite in my house. I should probably look into getting more.

Chamomile The soothing smile of the well known aromatic herb.
I am not sure what chamomile smells like on its own but this is pretty good!

Coriander & White Lime Blend of white lime, Italian bergamot, Valencia orange, fuzzy peach, mediterranean coriander, Thai basil, purple lavender, yellow jasmine and violet petals.
I am getting more herbal coriander and lavender than I am getting the citrus of lime, bergamot and orange. I hope it will be more distinct on melting because I think this could be a really good scent!

Eucalyptus Spearmint Invigorating herbal blend of eucalyptus and spearmint with fresh citrus lemon, lavender flowers, and a hint of sage.
Yum, I love this! I would love to get more. It's in the relaxing category of scents as Stress Relief.

Juniper Breeze A BBW duple, an ozony blend of floral, green and fruity notes with a slight musk undertone.
I have never tried this BBW scent but it's great! The ozone never overpowers the floral and the fruity but makes the blend more interesting.

Lemongrass Fresh cut lemongrass with a hint of green herbal notes
It's not fresh cut lemongrass but more like a fresh Lemongrass soap?

Mango Beachwood A BBW dupe, a blend of mango, tangerine and mandarin with mid notes of rose, jasmine and dewy cyclamen on a base of beechwood, amber and musk.
I think "Tropical" when I sniff this blend. I was excited to smell the wood notes but I can't really find any.

Sea Petals A light floral blend of roses and violets with a touch of light green notes, blended with some fruity notes of peach, citrus, and strawberry.
The florals are soft and aquatic in this blend, with the roses a touch stronger and softening the edges of the  violets. Very nice.

Snuggle Baby Baby Magic (Type)
I quite like this scent, it's not as powdery as I thought it might be. Just a tad herbal even. I would blend this with additional lavender or eucalyptus so amp it up.

White Nectarine & Pink Coral The luscious fruitiness of sweet peach, pineapple chunks and orange slices blended with enchanting floral notes of honeysuckle, rose and jasmine on a drydown of soft soothing musk.
This is a pretty scent. The fruity and musk notes included are more apparent than the floral notes.

Tiffany is ever so generous with her samples again and I feel like she picked them out with some care based on my order.

On the herbal side and definitely something I would buy on its own.

Clean and fresh lemon. I am thinking of blending this with the lavender to duplicate that famous scent of Yankee's.

Vanilla Pound Cake
This is delish! If I close my eyes and sniffed this, I might think I have a piece of cake right in front of me!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Order of the Odor | Volume 12

Hello! This is the 12th installment of the Order, which means we have reached our one year anniversary! We all hope your summer is winding down beautifully and many happy memories have been made. Please join us in answering the question of the month:

What were some of your favorite scent experiences this summer?

I am a little late to this month's Order because I have been away for a vacation and internet connection was not fully available for my laptop. By now, you would have read the rest of the other members' responses and I hope you have been enjoying them as much as I have! So, in Singapore, it's Summer all year round with our tropical heat and humidity. So one of my favourite scent experiences in this heat is catching whiffs of sultry, sweet, floral fragrances like the frangipani when they are in bloom. Or the tropical scent of fresh fruits at the market!

The Bathing Garden has some seriously ornate wax tarts and if anyone can do them justice, it is Sunnee. Hop on over to her blog to read all about her latest The Bathing Garden order and see which ones stand out. And oh happy day!!! The Bathing Garden is open and has been open for orders for several months now.

Liz at Furianne found a lost waxy treasure and melted it recently. Check out what gem she found that is STILL performing after over two years old! 

Want the Bath & Body Works candle experience without the Bath & Body Works price tag? Deb hauled a few candles that fit the bill and will fill her home with fall cheer this year. You will want to read this!

Lolo gets to smell with the Rock is cooking... whenever she wants. And if you want to smell it too, as well as look at his cutie pie mug all over a candle... you must see what Lauren has recently acquired. Get ready for fits of "I NEED THAT!"

Candles From The Keeping Room recently moved over to Etsy, temporarily, and Julie placed an order on the first opening there. Read all about how the ordering process went and the abundance of scents she picked here. You can tell she went wild!

Michelle recently received and reviewed a Super Tarts sampler. Her precise descriptions and on point nose will leave you scouting for some of these scents. Find out what sampler she got and her thoughts on it. 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Wax Notes | July 2015 (2)

A fairly quiet melting fortnight, I am working on melting up my first Vintage Chic Scents haul. I still can't get over how crazy it throws on an 11w warmer. It's going to be a quiet melting month in August because I am travelling with friends to Melbourne this coming week! It's going to be colddd there and I need to start packing!

Ice Palace Cookies (Vintage Chic Scents)
I was going through my stash and I noticed the VCS labels and cups were yellowing. Which got me worried about the wax itself. Well, I needn't have. The wax is throwing like a boss! I am melting in my office and this is throwing throughout the entire building! I am going to melting VCS in here for the foreseeable future!

Blueberry Noel Marshmallow (Sniff My Tarts)
Really yummy fruity scent. It's definitely more sweet-like than fruit-like. Throw is very poor on my 11w warmer though. I have to stand next to it to smell anything. Pity.

An Affair To Remember (Vintage Chic Scents)
I think this might be my first watermelon scent. It's sweet, girly and candy-sweet, and while I like this more than I thought I would, it's not my type of scent. The throw is ridiculously strong, throwing through the entire building as usual!

Backwoods Barbie (Vintage Chic Scents)
I really love this scent, the Satsuma note is so uplifting and energetic. I don't smell a straight Strawberry scent but I am sure it's sweetening and neutralising the acidic edge of Satsuma. High scent throw, medium scent impact.

Frozen Margarita (K's Kreations)
A pleasant, not-too-sour scent. Medium-low scent throw, medium scent impact.

Sugared Jasmine (Rosegirls)
I was getting ready myself for a soft sandalwood type Jasmine scent because that's how I noted in on cold sniff but on melting, it develops beyond the sandalwood to a clean, soapy Jasmine as well. Thankfully the scent impact is medium, which is totally cool with me because too strong of such a scent would be really hard to take! Scent throw is medium as well.

Repeat Melts
Long Winter's Nap (Enchanted)
Candy Crush (Up The Creek)
Zucchini Bread, Serendipity Smoothie Strawberry Jam (SMT)
Sultan (Enchanted)

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Haul | One Little Indian Scents (1)

One Little Indian Scents is a new vendor on the block that I have been watching them for this last little while. I missed most of the openings so far but I managed to catch the flash sales that took place at the end of May. I only won one lot but Alisha, the owner, was really sweet and tried to find more items for me from other lots that fell through to make the shipping more worthwhile. She only managed to find one other bag of brittle but she added an extra clamshell to make up for that and a delay in shipping out my package.

Tropical Sangria Huge chunks of pineapple and orange soaked in a classic wine sangria. Fruity and fun!
Oh this is so good. I am so glad that I have a bag of brittle in this! It does smell almost exactly like sangria, just a little less tart and more fruity. This is a great scent for summer, hopefully with a real Sangria in hand!

Glazed Pear Cider Brown sugared pears soaked in a traditional spicy apple cider.
This chunk is huge and such an interesting shape. It's duo-toned, brown and green. A warm, comforting pear scent. I don't find it particularly spicy from the cider. I like this one!

Juicy Fruit
Wow, this smells exactly like bubblegum. I just googled and found out there is a Juicy Fruit bubblegum so I am assuming this is meant to be a dupe of that scent.