Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Haul | Enchanted Candle Company (2)

Here's my second Enchanted Candle Company haul and it is awesome! For this order, I decided to go for the little bags of wax moustaches for the scents in the Fathers of Disney Line.  The bags came in adorable bags but it was tied with ribbon rather than the twist ties. The ribbons are a bit of a pain to tie and re-tie when you want to get out the tarts. I hope Debra will consider changing them up to the twist ties in future.

Did I mention that I am loving this order especially the scents from the Fathers of Disney Line? Everything I got was so so so good!

Darth (Black) We wanted something as mysterious as the man himself. While we won’t tell you what this is what we will tell you is it’s an epic scent of galactical proportion that will have you screaming “Yes! You ARE my Daddy!”
I absolutely could not tell you what scent notes make up this blend but I am getting a cinnamony-bitter note. And surprisingly, it's very pleasant. This is what I think Autumn would smell like.

Marlin (Orange) Dive into the big blue world with this tropical fragrance of mango, pineapple, green apple, yuzu, and orchid.
Oh so good! I immediately think of fresh, tropical mango. Upon further sniffing, I begin to smell the pineapple and the green apple. I definitely want a lot more of this scent!

The Sultan's Moroccan Massage Oil (Blue) Get pampered with the sultan with this tingling oil made from rosemary, peppermint, and a touch of lavender.
I love this one so much! I don't find any of the notes outstanding by its own because it's blends so well together into a pretty, soft, sweet relaxing scent. It's herbal in a very soothing and subdued way. I also need more of this one!

Walt's Lemon Meringue Pie (Yellow) This is a perfect lemon with the added creaminess of a towering meringue topping and a hint of pie crust.
This one is delicious, it's not overtly bakery but rather just pure lemon sweetness! Again, I need more!

Afternoon at Grandma's Warm peanut butter cookies straight out of the oven
This is a free sample included in my order (thank you!). I can definitely smell a very yummy peanut butter cookie scent but there is also a weird bitter note tangling with it.

Number 17 Cherry Tree Lane Step into the parlor of the Bank's home where the scent of English scones and a freshly brewed pot of tea lingers in the air.
I can't quite wrap my head around this scent because I don't smell any scones or tea, just a fruity scent.

Lavender and Chamomile A calming herbal blend of lavender, chamomile and hints of eucalyptus.
Mmm, a calming and soothing blend. Enchanted's lavender is a soapy type but the chamomile and eucalyptus helps. I will have to be careful with this because Enchanted's scent throw is strong and too much can be a bad thing.

Napa Valley The sweet aroma of plump merlot, cabernet, and zinfandel grapes.
Super, yummy, grape scent! Again, there's that weird bitter note. Could be the wax? I hope it goes away during melting!

Wildberry Tea A Celestial Seasonings dupe. This perfect tea blend bursts with raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, and even cherries.
This is such a yummy fruity-berry scent, I really can't discern anything seperate, just a big berry medley!

Something Fruity A blend of frozen berries mixed with a splash of rum.
Very interesting, it's quite different from Wildberry Tea. But it's just as good and I am pretty sure I can smell the rum

Icy Peppermint A strong blast of peppermint.
Exactly as advertised! Strong and sinus cleansing! I just want to inhale this when I am feeling congested!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wax Notes | September 2014 (1)

From such an amazing fortnight to a rather dismal one. I have been feeling under the weather and my nose has been blocked more often than not. I have been mainly melting my BBW Twisted Peppermint candle to help unsnuff my nose but really it isn't strong enough. I am going to have get myself some Sinus Relief scents from a vendor, anyone has any suggestions?

Greased Lightning (Rosegirls)
I am not feeling too well and decided to indulge myself in some waxy goodness so I popped a whole chunk rather than cutting it up as I would probably have done. I am enjoying most of it, it's a sweet strawberry bakery scent and I love that snatches of strawberry jam in the air. I can see why so many people love Rosegirls' bakery. Who knows I might be a convert to bakery. :)

Red Velvet Cake (Ten Digit Creations)
Ugh. I totally hate this scent. It's a really weird chocolate scent. However, the strength throw is very good. As I have been saying, TDC's tarts last a long time so buy with ease!

Hello Sweetie (Two Timing Tart)
This is the new wax formula and it's throwing medium high. TTT performs very well for me and I am looking forward to ordering from them again once I finish up my stash.

Violet Mojito (Two Timing Tart)
Man oh man, this one is so strong that I had to turn it off. The violet scent is more clean than floral and definitely overpowers any hint of mojito.

Repeat Melts
Bite Me Serendipity Bubble Gum (L3WW)
Serendipity Peppermint (I Heart Wax)
The Sound of Drums (Two Timing Tart)
Spearmint (Super Tarts) + Icy Peppermint (Beezy's) + Lavender Cotton Candy Frosting (L3WW)

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Rolling in Wax!

Today is an incredibly exciting wax haul day (even though I am furtively typing this in the office). Last Thursday, I finally clicked 'ship' on all my outstanding packages! I would have shipped some of them earlier but I unexpectedly got word that my Rosegirls order would be completed much earlier than I expected and then I won a Glitterati flash sale! So in total, I have SIX packages arriving together! I have been trying very hard to melt through my stash because I am pretty sure I am not going to have enough space in my wax storage boxes to put everything away. Looking at my orders, I think I am set for the rest of the year. Fall scents aren't really my thing seeing as I live in heat and humidity all year round.

Just to mentally prepare myself for the onslaught of wax and remind myself about what I ordered and that I really don't need anymore wax for the time being, I am listing out everything I have that is incoming.

Glitterati Candle Co.
When Glitterati put up a few flash sale lots a few weeks ago, I threw my name in the smaller lots for the heck of it. And what do you know, I won one of them! My lot consisted of 4 scent shots in Pralines, Wildberry Buttercream, Cantaloupes & Fresh Oranges and Jamaican Me Crazy and 6 other mystery chunks in Fruity/Bakery. I am super excited to get this because Glitterati has been a company that I haven't managed to figure out exactly how to order. She's closed for Customs till December 2014 (!!) and I have always missed seeing the Mystery Bag sign up. Definitely a lucky break being able to win this flash sale lot.

I am still trying to figure out exactly how I am going store 10 bags of chunks but I suspect I am going to have a lot of fun (sniffing) figuring it out. I have 10 bags in Koopa Troopa Assault, Blueberry Hill, Singing in the Rain, Lavender Cupcakes with Honey Frosting, Macintosh Madness + Rosegirls Garden, Summer Daze, Sunny Days, Alice in Wonderland, Apple Colada and Monster Cookie Fluff Puffs.

Thirty Street Wax
I have never watched the Princess Bride so the scent names don't mean very much to me but I was totally in the market for some Thirty Street so I picked up a few of the scents, Kingdom of Florin, The 'Kissing' Book, Fencing Masters, Cliffs of Insanity, Princess Buttercup, Prince Humperdink, Satsuma and Green Apple.

Enchanted Candle Co. Order & Mystery Bag
The regular order consists of Darth, Marlin, The Sultan's Moroccan Massage Oil (very excited to sniff this one after Julie reviewed it and loved it!), Walt's Lemon Meringue Pie, Number 17 Cherry Tree Lane, Lavender and Chamomile, Napa Vallery, Wildberry Tea, Something Fruity and Icy Peppermint. The second order is a Mystery Bag although I think it may be more of a box because it's supposed to weigh 2lbs! I am looking forward to sniffing these because I just decided I want to get on a future customs list and I have already started thinking of some possible blends!

Ten Digit Creations
The earliest order I made in this shopping spree, I am pretty sure they are all cured after sitting in my box for 1.5 months. I very badly want this TDC haul to be awesome because I think TDC could become my wax dealer for scents that I need on a regular basis since they are always open, ships so fast and have such a long list of scents! Every girl needs a wax dealer right? Aloe & Green Tea, Apple Harvest, Avocado & Sea Salt, Bamboo & Sugar Cane, Bartlett Pear, Berry Verbena, Chamomile Apple, Fruit Loops, Green Tea & Willow, Honey Lemon, Lavender Apple, Lavender Mint, Lemon Marshmallow, Muscadine, Orange Blossom, Peppermint Meringue, Pink Sands, Red Mac Apple, Sea Berry, Sea Salt & Rice Flower, Serendipity, Sugar Milk, Sugared Jasmine, Twisted Lemon, Vanilla Lime and Violet Vixen.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wax Notes | August 2014 (2)

This has definitely been my most productive melting fortnight to date, although to be fair, many of them were older tarts and I have discovered that while Super Tarts throws like crazy, it doesn't last very long.

Pumpkin Buttercream (Front Porch)
I was digging through my basket of destash wax when I found this super old piece of wax from 2011! Tossed it into the warmer immediately to use it up. There is actually still some scent left, I smell spicy pumpkin. It didn't last very long or throw very well (medium at best) but I can't complain.

Toasted Almond Butter Cookies (Ten Digit Creations)
Another older tart from 2012 but in contrast to Front Porch, TDC's wax is still holding the scent really well and throwing like crazy! I can totally smell toasted almond and butter cookies and it's making me hungry!

Cucumber Mint (Super Tarts)
This scent is so strong! I had taken this out in preparation to bring to work next week but when I left my room for the day and came home, it was the first scent that I smelled! Isn't that crazy? I popped half into my warmer since it was already floating around. It's a very perfumey cucumber, something you smell in a body lotion than a fresh cucumber in a salad. I don't get much mint but this is a very cooling scent, perfect for warmer days. My mother is absolutely loving this one too! The scent throw is kick-me-in-the-face strong! Like the previous ST I melted, I noticed it isn't very long-lasting. By the third tea light, there wasn't much scent left. This is so pretty though, I love how the blue and yellow melds almost ombre-like! I am now kicking myself for not melting my ST more and getting in on their restocks!

Honeydew Ya (Super Tarts)
A really authentic honeydew scent, such a sweet-fruity scent! So I noticed that Super Tarts does better in higher wattages. The throw was amazing in my tealight warmer but much weaker in my 11w hotplate.

The Sound of Drums (Two Timing Tart)
What an interesting variant of a Serendipity scent, this one is mixed with Dragon's Blood and it totally transforms Serendipity into a sexy, musky scent. I find the coconut more pronounced in this blend as well.

Nod and Dream (Enchanted Candle Co.)
I am thinking very hard about whether I should hit up the upcoming Enchanted re-opening (by the way, I think you totally should!), there's so many scents that I want to try! There's a couple of scents on the list that I already have so I pulled them out to try. Nod and Dream is from the Mary Poppins collection and is such a pretty purple colour. It's definitely a soapy lavender (I prefer herbal lavender) underlayered with vanilla sweetness and chamomile softness. The throw is amazingly strong, it's going right out of the room with only half a tart!

Vanilla Shake (Ten Digit Creations)
This is an old piece so no comments about its throw. Contrary to what I was expecting, this is a nutty and musky vanilla to my nose. I really like it, too bad it's discontinued!

Day at the Spa (Crabby Candle Co)
Definitely a scent for bad/sick day, the lemongrass is very strong on this one but it's definitely spa-like rather than bug repellant-like. The throw is about a medium-low. It really is a pity that Crabby Candle seems to have gone on hiatus. I like most of the scents I have melted and they perform very well for me.

Banana Caramel Cupcake (Ten Digit Creations)
The scent throw is pretty weak but for an older tart, if there's a throw, that's good enough for me. It smells exactly like banana bread which I actually like! That fades later and becomes a syrupy spicy scent.

Fruit Loops (Front Porch Candle Co.)
An oldie but a goodie!

Repeat Melts
Sleepy (The Bathing Garden)
Madman in a Box (Two Timing Tart)
Lavender Cotton Candy Frosting (L3WW)
Sugar Cookie (Super Tarts)
Drunk Photography (Two Timing Tart)
Key Lime Pie (Bit of Bliss)