Sunday, July 26, 2015

Haul | Super Tarts (2)

I finally made my second Super Tarts order, I have been tempted many times during their regular clamshell restocks but I was always a few scents short of an order worth the shipping. When Brandy announced that she would be putting together a Lavender Sample, I knew I wouldn't be passing this one up. Several scents in this sampler have been getting lots of rave reviews and I am so happy to finally get to try it.

Data Lavender Cream, Pear Slices and Sugar Cookies
This is a surprising scent, I didn't think that a lavender scent can be classified as creamy and bakery, but there you are. There is hint of citrus contributed by the pear beneath the cream.

Donatello Lavender Cream and Honeydew Melon
Another surprising blend that somehow works. I find the Honeydew Melon note stronger than the Lavender, it's very juicy too!

Galactus Lavender, Raspberry Sorbet and Lovespell
This is a really sweet and unique blend. I can't quite describe it, not sure if I like this either.

Go To Sleep Lavender Cream and Pink Sugar
Great sleepytime scent! I am not surprised that this is such a popular scent.

Lavender Orange Dream Sweet Lavender mixed with our Orange Sherbet
Love this one! The Orange Sherbet is so sprightly and energetic. While stronger than the Lavender, I can still detect it.

Magneto Lavender, Strawberry Jam, Vanilla Buttercream
Unfortunately this has that stuffy-plasticky scent to it, I am guessing it's coming from the Strawberry scent. Which is surprising because ST's Strawberry scent is very popular.

Ravenclaw Blue Raspberry and Lavender
I can see why this is such a popular scent. The sweet Lavender smooths out the sharp acidity of the Blue Raspberry and they blend well together.

Sentinal Herbal Lavender, Blackberry Preserves, Marshmallow
Yummy, the Blackberry Preserves is the star here. I don't get much of the Herbal Lavender for now. I just can't get over how good the Blackberry scent is!

Spock Lavender Blueberry Cheesecake
One of my favourites of this sampler, like Sentinal, the Blueberry Cheesecake scent is the strongest and so good. Probably the best Blueberry scent I have ever sniffed. But unlike Sentinal, the Lavender emerges underneath and blends really well with the Blueberry Cheesecake.

Thanos Herbal Lavender Buds and Whipped Cream
Another favourite for its simplicity and deliciousness. This is the type of Lavender scent I would melt nightly to relax and fall asleep to.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Wax Notes | July 2015 (1)

I am getting back into the melting swing of things. With all my recent hauls, I am fairly obsessed with trying to melt the wax that I have had for at least a year. So a lot of repeat melts of I try to use wax that I cut up into smaller pieces.

Birthday Cake (SMT)
Simple and sweet-smelling. Medium throw and impact. My major beef with this tart is that it stained my warmer!

Nilla Strawberry Noel (Rosegirls)
The VBN is super strong in this scent, it's pretty much the main note I am smelling. A little disappointed that not more of a strawberry note is coming through. High throw, medium scent impact.

Squeaky Clean (Crabby Candle Co.)
This smells exactly like talcum powder, it's not unpleasant but not a scent I would buy again. High throw, medium high impact.

Twitterpated (Streetman Candle Co.)
This scent is really sweet, very much like candy! Medium scent throw, medium high scent impact.

Repeat Melts
Heads Up Seven Up (Enchanted Candle Co.)
Daydreamer (Two Timing Tart)
Rose Red (Two Timing Tart)
Sultan (Enchanted Candle Co.)
Fencing Masters (Thirty Street Crafts)
Pomegranate, Grape Muscadine, Blue Raspberry Slushee (Sniff My Tarts)
Tweetledee's Dilemma (The Bathing Garden)
Violet Mojito (Two Timing Tart)
Fruit Loops (Tiffany Candles)

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Haul | Two Timing Tart (3)

Welcome to my Two Timing Tart samplers haul, this lot was bought and received a long time ago but I am just really slow at posting. At the moment, Two Timing Tart is closed while Becky the owner deals with some personal issues but it seems like an opening is on the horizon so keep a look out on their Facebook group! I feel like TTT gets the short end of the stick in the wax community, there is rarely any chatter about this company and if there is, rarely is it positive due to a rocky beginning. Personally I have always had a great experience with TTT's wax and their scent blends are some of the most interesting around and right up my alley!

Becky offered up several samplers for sale and since I was in the market for some TTT, I decided to take the plunge on three samplers - Fruit Loops, Lemon Curd and Vanilla Honey. I love both the basic Fruit Loops and Lemon Curd scents and I was interested to see what sort of combinations Becky could come up with. Because there are so many scents in these samples, I am going to be doing quick, first impression reviews of each scent!

Fruit Loops sampler

Sugar Cookie Fruit Loops
The Sweet Cookie scent is quite a lot stronger than Fruit Loops. It's a little sweeter than my preference.

Zucchini Bread Fruit Loops
Surprisingly this Zucchini Bread and Fruit Loops blend is quite equal, I can smell both. The Zucchini Bread is spicy and the Fruit Loops is a foil to that.

Clementine Cupcake Fruit Loops
Wow, I am really getting the buttery cake scent in here. It's actually quite nice with the Clementine tying everything together.

Pie Crust Fruit Loops
One of the blends with the strongest Fruit Loops scent,

Blueberry Fruit Loops
This is so so good! Like I can't stop sniffing. The blueberry scent is amazing, sweet, juicy and authentic!

Mandarin Plum Fruit Loops
This is a really good blend, I never would have thought of it. It's heavy kind of sweet and citrus. I can't differentiate between the Mandarin Plum and Fruit Loops.

Sweet Orange Fruit Loops
Really like this, sweet and simple.

Bite Me Fruit Loops
Another blend that I like. I am also weirdly detecting a ginger note in this. I like ginger so that's cool with me.

Key Lime Fruit Loops
Great blend, I think that the Lime melds really nicely with Fruit Loops

Raspberry Macaroon Fruit Loops
Yum, I love the Raspberry scent, it's super juicy and sweet!

Wildberry Scone Fruit Loops
Mm, very juicy wildberry scent coming through. This is a nice blend!

Lychee Coconut Fruit Loops
Another blend that I don't think anyone would have thought of. The sweet coconut blended really well with Fruit Loops. Even I can barely detect a straight FL even though I know it's there. That's how well blended it was.

Lemon Curd mini-sampler

Lemon Curd Cedar
This was one of the scents I was most interested to smell because of the interesting combination of citrus and woodsy. The Lemon Curd is very yummy but I barely get a hint of the Cedar. Hopefully it comes out more on melting.

Lemon Curd Black Cherry
Black Cherry > Lemon Curd.

Lemon Curd Fresh Herbs
My least favourite of this sampler, the Fresh Herbs completely overtook the Lemon Curd.

Lemon Curd Purple Sage Mint Leaf
This scent is the surprise of the sampler! So fresh, so acidic and not at all herb-y.

Lemon Curd Peppermint
I like this scent very much, again the Lemon Curd is the stronger scent of the two, with the peppermint being more of a soft whiff underneath. It reminds me slightly of a lemon cough drop as well.

Lemon Curd Lavender Martini
I have had TTT's Lavender Martini before but with the Lemon Curd, this scent is really amped up. It's a winner!

Vanilla Honey mini-sampler

Vanilla Honey Birch
This smells like really upscale potpurri, in a good way!

Vanilla Honey Myrrh
Another upscale potpurri scent. I think I prefer the Birch version but this is pretty good too.

Vanilla Honey Orange Blossom
I love Orange Blossoms so this scent is up my alley. The base Vanilla Honey scent sweetens it up.

Vanilla Honey Cinnamon
The cinnamon makes this scent sour. I am a little perplexed but I don't dislike it. It's interesting.

Vanilla Honey Gold Musk
This is made very perfume-y by the Gold Musk. I am not sure if I would wear such a scent though.

Vanilla Honey Sunflower
This is my second Sunflower scent, it's strong in this blend. It's also smells strangely soapy.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Order of the Odor | Volume 11

Happy Summer! We here at the Order hope your days are bright and sunny and the wax is melting in the warmers and not the mail boxes. Please join us in answering this month's questions:

If you could create any theme for a wax tart collection what would it be? What three scents would you have in this themed collection?

This is a really fun question that got my wax brain turning! I decided on a TRAVEL theme since I am writing this post from the Land Down Under - Australia! I decided to have the three scents be based on Singapore and countries I have visited this year - Australia and The Philippines

Garden City (Singapore): Take a morning stroll through this city in a garden and let the fresh cut grass, sweet-smelling bougainvilleas, seductive frangipanis and woodsy rain trees refresh you before you start another busy day!

G'Day Mates! (Brisbane): As you walk through the bustling Australian city of Brisbane, take a deep breath and inhale the scent of Flat White coffee, fresh air and blue skies.

Halo Halo (The Philippines): A popular dessert in The Philippines! Layer mixed fruits of cantaloupe, sweet potato and coconut, top with ice, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, a little drizzle of sweet condensed, and you have got a dessert to beat the Filipino heat!

Deb melted a tart from Dessa's recently that was so good, so strong that she is even saving it to melt and reuse again! It is a delicious fruity bakery that she thinks you need to try before she scoops them all up for herself. You've been warned.

Sunnee's Rosegirls sampler came this past month and it will full of brightly colored and highly fragrant chunks of happiness. See which ones stood out as her favorites and which just didn't make the cut. Get ready to feast your eyes!

Flaming Star Scents used to be Pic, Petals and Scents and Liz recently melted a nice huge chunk from PPS that has had plenty of cure time! So how did this old wax perform? And what has Liz been up to lately?

Subscription box popularity is going as strong as ever. Lauren bought a box recently that any waxy home fragrance lover would enjoy. It comes with three tiers of price points, amazing packaging and high quality candles to boot. Ready to be enabled?

Thirty Street Crafts creates a fun themed wax release about every month. June's release was built around a circus theme. Julie scooped up an order of her very favorite wax tart shape to date... any guesses?

Who doesn't love a "Favorites" post?! Michelle lays it out for us and lists her all time Top 5 Vendors for us and why in her most recent post. The best part? You can order from almost all of them right now!