Thursday, November 12, 2015

Haul | Sniff My Tarts (2)

Apple Pie (4 x Crueller Doughnut)

This scent is amazing! Apple-y and cinnamon-y all at the same time!

Lavender Vanilla Coconut Milk (3 x Cookie Sandwich)

Least favourite scent of the bunch. The coconut milk scent is really sour and I can't get past it.

Peggy’s Blueberry Noel (4 x Grubby Cakes)
Thanks to an earlier RAOK from Julie, I already know and like this scent. Sweet, tart and fruity.

Cotton Candy Bliss / Strawberry Jam / Pina Colada
This is a sweet scent, the Pina Colada is nicely rounded out and made more interesting with the addition of the strawberry.

Lemon Sampler (6 pack scent shots)

Lemon Cake
Yum, more lemon than cake.

Lemon Colada
Funny enough, this doesn't remind me of pina colada but of a laundry lemon scent.

Lemon Cookies
Something's up with this, it smells a little stale

Lemon Ice Cream
I am half and half on this scent, I am deciding how much I like the vanilla ice cream note.

Lemon Sugar Pound Cake
Amidst the Lemon Sugar scent, there is a sour-milk note which is making me wrinkle my nose.

Lemon Sugar Type
This smells good, a sweet lemon scent, I suspect this is the base scent of the sampler.

Cream Cheese Frosting / Fruity Loops (8oz Chunks)
I just wanted more Fruit Loops in bigger quantities and this is pretty good.

Cream Cheese Frosting / Mandarin Orange (8oz Chunks)
The Cream Cheese Frosting scent is more prominent in this blend, sweet and tart, but made energising from the Mandarin Orange. Sweet and fruity.

Honeydew Melon / Red Mac Apple type / Lemon Curd (8oz Chunk Pie)

The Red Mac Apple scent is the strongest of the three, the Honeydew Melon adds to the sweetness while the Lemon Curd adds a twist of acid.

Peppermint / Spearmint / Pink Sugar (8oz Chunk Pie)

A tried and true crowd pleaser scent! The peppermint and spearmint are both strong but don't overpower the pink sugar.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Haul | Candles From The Keeping Room (1)

I am really happy to finally be able to place a Candles From The Keeping Room order. It took me several tries before this successful order! In fact, I feel that Rosegirls might be easier to get than CFTKR! I can see why they are so popular, the scent on cold sniff is fantastic, strong and true to the description!

Amazing Grace Type Italian bergamot and sparkling lemons are sweetened with freshly picked citron and neroli. A white floral jasmine, orange blossom and rose are blended with sheer musk and cedarwood.
This one is light on cold sniff. I don't smell the Amazing Grace scent for now.

Apple Grove A perfect combination of Cameo, Macintosh, Red Delicious, Fuji and Granny Smith apples.
Delicious delicious delicious!

Baby Grace Type A fresh accord combining feminine notes of mimosa flowers, poppy, pepper, white woods, fresh greenery and musk.
This smells exactly like the perfume. So beautiful!

Cherry Blossoms Fresh orange top notes sweeten this lush white floral bouquet. Forest ferns adds a natural sensation as light green tones balance the bouquet. Warm woods and a hint of musk warm the floral accord.
This is fairly light on cold throw. Hopefully it's better on warm.

Jade A blend of sweet jasmine, white lilies and violets; middle notes of lavender, rose combined with a delicate touch of sun ripened pineapple; bottom notes of fresh apple and fresh green melon.
Clean, green flora bouquet. It's sweet and fresh!

Lavender Mint
I love how herbal and just purely lavender this is. Fantastic!

Nectarine & Honey A sumptuous blend of nectarine, honey and delicate white florals. Fragrant rose and fresh air musks add to the calming serenity.
This is such a beautiful scent, the honey scent is very much stronger than the nectarine, but the fizziness of the nectarine sneaks in and makes itself known.

Sea Salt & Yuzu Notes of Satsuma orange, ruby red grapefruit, Japanese yuzu, Mediterranean sea salt, sun-kissed apricot, ripe nectarine, blue water lotus and aloe leaf.
I put this in my cart as I was going through the categories quickly while the site was open. I am so glad I bought it, it's a very elegant citrus, highlighted by that hint of salt. I can't wait to melt this.

Even though I watched all the youtube videos and read all the blog posts of CFTKR hauls, I was still a little taken aback at how many samples Carol provided. What she gave is comparable to some of the hauls I have made with other companies! I am also excited with what she picked out for me, these are scents that I definitely want to try!

Biolage Matrix Top notes of forest fresh green leaves and lemon zests, and well rounded with fruity notes of peaches, apples, and pineapples.
As a shampoo scent, I thought this would be very soapy but it's sweeter and fresher in real life. I love this!

Blissful Blackberry Type
I think this might be a BBW dupe. I am surprised that it's not more fruity and have a better blackberry scent note. Hopefully it will be better upon melting.

Champagne Pear Type Sparkling champagne with the fresh scent of a ripe juicy pear.
A very spritzy scent. I don't particularly distinguish both scents but like it's light, bubbly and energetic.

Clementine Lavender
This scent is right up my alley! The clementine is stronger than the lavender, juicy and citrusy but the lavender lingers after.

Green Figs Crisp Meyer lemons add a tangy twist to rich fig notes, while precious pomegranate seeds permeate the heart of this exotic citrus scent.
A pleasant, green type scent.

Green Tea Blend
This is a beautiful, fresh scent and I love it! I am also getting clean, citrus notes in there.

Lavender Cream Peppermint
Oh so good, sweet, relaxing and minty! I would totally buy a huge bag of this scent!

Mandarin Lime Fresh mandarin oranges to energise your spirit, and fresh lime to improve your mood.
I am kind of wondering if this might have been labelled wrongly, I don't really smell any Mandarin or any Lime in this scent.

Rain Forest Sugarcane An intriguing mixture that includes fresh lime, raw sugarcane and rare vanilla orchid, and a fabulous blend of Hawaiian hibiscus, pineapple, blood orange, palm grass, lemon mint and Kona sugarloaf.
Such a complicated blend on paper but it all comes together in a soft, sweet, fresh and green type scent. It's really good and if it melts as good as it smells now, I think I will get more of this!

Violets and Birch Green accord, fern, white birch, violet, clove bud, orchid, cedar leaf, musk and amber.
Violets are really overpowering scents to me but I think the Birch tones it down a little with its woodsy notes.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Wax Notes | October 2015

For most people, the end of the year is a time for winding down but it seems to be speeding up for me! Lots to do, lots to do!

I am finished with my last two haul posts for CFTKR and SMT and will be scheduling them up in the next couple of weeks. Once those are published, it will really be just these fortnightly or monthly wax notes. Sometimes I do get tired of doing these but it also gives me a sense of satisfaction to see how much I have melted. My web presence will definitely be diminishing but I will still be making my rounds around my favourite blogs and commenting! So, hope to see you all around!


Yellow Rose (K's Kreations)
This scent performed better than the previous K's wax I had been melting. It was more sweet rose than tangy lemon. Medium throw, medium scent impact.

Berry Verbena (Ten Digit Creations)
This scent is intriguing, I quite liked it because it's not your usual berry scent. There was a really citrusy-herbal scent note throughout it. Medium throw, medium high scent impact.

Drink Me (The Bathing Garden)
The vanilla scent is the strongest note I am smelling, with a dab of cherry blossoms underneath. Medium high throw, medium high scent impact.

Green Apple (Thirty Street Wax)
This smells exactly like a Green Apple slurpee from 7-11. Tart and refreshing! Medium high scent throw, medium high scent impact.

Starbursts (Beezy Tarts)
Wow, this scent is sickly sweet, so sweet it makes my teeth hurt smelling this. And it does smell exactly like the sweet! Medium high throw, medium high scent impact.

Dippity Daze (K's Kreations)
Not much scent.

Jelly Beans (Crabby Candle Co.)
I quite like this scent but only if it didn't had that artificial plastic note underlying it. High scent throw, medium high scent impact.

Lavender Cupcakes with Honey Frosting (Rosegirls)
It's been awhile since I had a really good piece of wax melt in my room, it almost feels like all my wax had decided to weaken in strength and I was really worried that I should have melted through them quicker. But I am so glad that's not the case, and this Rosegirls' chunk is still throwing well. It's really sweet, with the honey frosting scent being a lot stronger for me than Lavender and Cupcakes.

Repeat Melts
Candy Crush (Up The Creek Scents)
Marlin (Enchanted Candle Co.)
Happy (Streetman Candle)