Saturday, June 21, 2014

Haul | The Bathing Garden (2)

I had originally planned not to order from The Bathing Garden again so soon but this Alice in Wonderland-themed restock was pretty hard to resist! TBG also launched a new website with this restock to facilitate ordering, the shopping experience was really simple and quick but for some reason my paypal payment didn't go through. I realised this only when the order numbers before and after me were announced to be shipped but mine wasn't included! I emailed Shannon immediately to enquire and it was clarified that my payment failed! Shannon sent me a new invoice quickly and shipped out my order the following day. I was so relieved to know that my order would still be honoured and I wasn't bumped to the back of the queue. The wax tarts in my order is seriously the most beautiful I have ever seen, I don't know how Shannon does it. I am so impressed!

Alice in Lavenderland French lavender with vanilla extract and marshmallow cream.
Sometimes simple is best, this is straight up lavender sweetened nicely with vanilla and marshmallow.

Drink Me Luscious strawberry milkshake, cherry tart, and vanilla flowers with a guava cherry drizzle.
The vanilla and cherry are really strong to me but I can smell a hint of the strawberry and guava too.

Knave of Hearts Fresh picked strawberry, cotton candy, brown sugar crystals, and coconut flakes.
I am not sure about this one, the strawberry smells vaguely plasticky. The black wax embed is gorgeous though, really intricate!

Lemon Tea Party The soothing scent of black tea blended with tart juicy lemon.
Mmm, I can't stop sniffing this one. Another simple blend but so so delicious!

Mad Hatters Tea Party White tea is layered under cool Moroccan mint in this refreshing tart.
Oh, I am surprised by white tea note, it's very perfume-y compared to the black tea. I am looking forward to melting this on a warm day. With the Moroccan mint, I think this would be really refreshing.

Orange Marmalade Bright and delicious marmalade
This scent is just spot on! So good! Can't wait to try it!

Sea of Tears This pretty tart begins with fresh air, sea salt, ocean mist and aquatic florals. Green notes and beachy musks round it out. A very creamy floral.
Very lovely, this one. I get everything, fresh air, sea salt and the florals, and the sweetness of the musk.

Tea Party with Alice An unusual tart just in time for Alice's tea party! Bottom layer of black lemon tea, topped with strawberry jam, and drizzled with sweet honey cream.
So many layers of delicious scents, I am looking forward to see how it melts down. The only scent I am not really getting is the strawberry jam. Also, this tart is beautiful!

Tea with the Queen of Hearts Make no mistake...the Queen of Hearts likes her roses and her tea red. This tart is the most amazing of scent of Roobois Red Tea. Very comforting and mild, just like the drink.
I like this one very much, the rose scent is the strongest but like the description says, it's mild scent. Very pretty.

Tweetledee's Dilemma Vanilla extract, tropical bubbles, and a swirl of grape serendipity to really mix things up.
The grape note is sooo good! And the swirl is literal, such a pretty design.

Tweetledum's Epiphany Cream soda, sun-ripened raspberry, and a vanilla peach pudding.
This is my first peach scented tart and it is amazing! I can also smell the raspberry but not so much the cream soda. Definitely the surprise of the order.

Every order had three freebies, an Alice themed playing card (I got the Queen of Hearts!), a little brown one is supposed to be the cake that Alice eats. Smells like caramel cake. And for my block tart freebie, I got the one I was hoping really hard to get.

Duchess' Apple Rose Tart
A beautiful blend of apples and roses! And it is so strong that the box that holds my TBG clamshells smells like it now!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Wax Notes | June 2014 (1)

It's been a little quiet around here lately but it's going to get exciting soon! My Rosegirls sampler pack was shipped out a couple of days ago! Yay! I am so excited that I am finally going to melt the two Rosegirls chunks I have received and been hoarding! (Note the multiple exclamation marks!)

I had been keeping a few of my earlier orders at my PO box as I waited for the Rosegirls sampler. I estimated that I was high enough on the Rosegirls list for my sampler to be shipped within my 60-day limit for my packages to be stored at the PO box, so I kept them there hoping that I would be able to consolidate my orders and save on the shipping. So together with RG, I am going to receive my first-ever Sniff My Tarts mystery bag, Enchanted Candle Co. and a Vintage Chic Scents flash sale winnings. WHOOHOO!

The next big excitement on the wax horizon is the re-opening of Rosegirls on 21 June, 11am CST. The timing works out perfectly for me because I am travelling to Hong Kong for work next week but will be back in time for the opening. I have already worked out my wishlist. Since this is my first potential order, I am terrified of the opening rush and I am not confident of blending, I am limiting myself to 10 bakery bags of Rosegirl blends. Hopefully my fingers will be fast enough to click in those 10 bags!

Onto what I have melted for the first half of June.

Still Not Ginger (Two Timing Tart)
I quite like this blend of orange and ginger, it's not bright and citrusy but more mellow which makes it easy on the nose. Medium-low throw.

Vanilla Lavender (Crabby Candle Co.)
My nose is a bit stuffed so I might not be getting the full picture with this tart but to me the vanilla is stronger than the very herbal lavender. I don't feel like this two scents are blending well together and by that I mean the particular Vanilla and Lavender oil used rather than the choice to blend these two scents. Medium throw.

Strawberry Shortcake (Ten Digit Creations)
I am trying to use up my really old TDC stash so I can justify buying more in future. Note that this tart is really really old, like 2 years old, so anything I say, take it with a huge dose of salt. I am detecting mostly strawberry but it's not a fruity strawberry, more jammy strawberry. TDC's throw is always good though, medium high!

Key Lime Pie (A Bit of Bliss) - Not pictured
This reminds me of a vanilla lime ice cream from my childhood but I am surprised that it's milkier than I expected. I don't get much of the pie. This is throwing really well with my 11w warmer  in the office, right out of the doors!

Fruity Pebbles (Up The Creek)
What an authentic scent this one is. It starts out strong but slowly peters out to medium-high throw. Unfortunately, the scent only lasted one tea light which is really short in my book.

Repeat Melts
Silk Sheets (Two Timing Tart) - My first finished clamshell!
Lemon Juniper (Two Timing Tart)
Tease (Two Timing Tart)

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Wax Notes | May 2014 (2)

My wax melting slowed down a little this month because I was overseas for a week in Taipei for a bit of work and a bit of play. Pictures will be up on my other blog soon. I did bring a wallflower plug-in with me but I think the electrical current wasn't enough and there was barely any throw. That was disappointing. I don't have much photos of my wax melts either because I just switched to the iPhone 5s and I am trying to figure out a new process for quick uploading of these pictures.

Lavender, Green Tea, Grapefruit (Bit of Bliss)
I am surprised how well these three scents blend together, there's a tinge of realistic bitterness from the Grapefruit and the Green Tea but the brightness of the Grapefruit and the soothing notes of Lavender balances it out really well. This is my first time trying BOB and I am impressed. The throw is high and lingers for a long time. After coming back to my room after a full day at work, I was surprised to find the scent lingering in the air. This is the first scent that I have noticed do that.

Tie Dye (Lasting Scent Candles)
Yummy, fizzy and fruity! Medium-high throw.

Vanilla Layered Root Beer Float (The Bathing Garden)
I am melting one cube and it started to throw very quickly. Very authentic and has a medium throw.

Princess B (Crabby Candle Co)
This is a really pretty scent, very sweet and floral. It makes me think of sweet honey! Medium throw.

Repeat Melts
Dried Apple Wreath (Ten Digit Creations)
Drunk Tweeting (Two Timing Tart)
Sleepy (The Bathing Garden)
Serendipity Peppermint (I Heart Wax)