Saturday, February 14, 2015

Wax Notes | February 2015 (1)

Have you heard? Enchanted Candle Co. is celebrating their 1-Year Anniversary on 1 March, and they will be accepting all custom orders placed that day! That's pretty amazing because they only offer 5-10 custom spots per month so you had to be really fast whenever the lists opens. Go check out her Facebook group for more information!

Debra may have a smaller fan base than most other established vendors but, boy, are they (we) dedicated and fanatical, the custom spots go QUICK. I haven't managed to get on one yet so I am definitely breaking my wax ban for this one. Despite three previous orders, there are still quite a few single scents and house blends I have yet to try and I have a few custom blends up my sleeve. I am buckling down to start planning it right now!

Earth Angel (Rosegirls)
This is mostly bakery blend, I can hardly detect any sweet lavender which really disappoints me. That said, the vanilla and cake pops scent is very nice and I can see why bakery fans go wild over this one. Medium-high throw, medium scent impact.

Queen B (Crabby Candle Co.)
I have been hoarding this one for awhile now but it's time to melt it. If Crabby does come back, I would love to get more of this scent. It's a sweet-spicy floral scent, as if I am inhaling a bouquet of flowers. Medium scent throw, medium-high scent impact.

Springtime Breaktime (Enchanted Candle Co.)
This one took it's own sweet time to develop but it is so good once it got going! The honey anchors this scent blend, with the cookies rounding the sharp, overwhelming edges I feel honey can get. The lemon keeps things interesting. I really like this and I would definitely get more! Medium high throw, high scent impact.

Bamboo & Sugar Cane (Ten Digit Creations)
The epitome of a fresh, green scent. The Sugar Cane really helps to take the sting out of the green note but I do wish it sweetened the blend more. High throw, medium scent impact.

Lemon Tea Party (The Bathing Garden)
I really like Lemon Tea scents and I am making it my mission this year to find me a regular wax supplier for it! Although this TBG version is pretty yummy, I hate not knowing if it will be offered again in their restocks. Life is too stressful in other areas for me to stress more about wax! Medium throw, medium scent impact.

Chamomile Apple (Ten Digit Creations)
I noticed Chamomile Apple is now on TDC's clearance list and I needed to try it out quickly because if this is a scent that I really like, I am charging in and buying up all the leftover stock! During the first melt, I kept thinking "this smells like lipstick" which kind of turned me off a litte. But on second melt, the scent mellowed out, I like this scent but I don't think I like it THAT much. Although I must say that TDC has a fantastic Apple scent! Medium high throw, medium scent impact.

Fruit Loops (Tiffany Candles)
My favourite feel-good scent! Tiffany's version is amazing! Medium high throw, high scent impact. Tiffany's is fast becoming a favourite vendor, I can definitely see myself going there for regular orders especially since she's open ALL THE TIME!

Cactus & Sea Salt (Lasting Scent Candles)
I have been meaning to melt this tart for the longest time because I received it in a destash almost a year ago and I was a little worried about how old it might be. I needn't have been worried, it's throwing like crazy - High throw, medium high scent impact. Cactus & Sea Salt have always been a favourite scent in this house but this blend is a little sweeter than I remembered it to be and it makes me wonder how it might be if I custom blend it with an even sweeter note!

Repeat Melts
Orange Marmalade (The Bathing Garden)
Mad Hatters' Tea Party (The Bathing Garden)
Lavender & Chamomile (Enchanted Candle Co.)