Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wax Notes | May 2014 (1)

Grape Fluff Blueberry Confetti Cake (Up The Creek)
The blueberry is so strong and totally to die for! It reminds me of blueberry waffles. I think the grape is all mixed in with it because I can't really detect it. Not much cake either. High scent throw!

Dried Apple Wreath (Ten Digit Creations)
I have been hoarding this for awhile and a conversation on Facebook finally made me cut into it. I seriously love this scent, it's not a juicy apple that screams of summer but a tart apple that conjures up autumn. Perfect for a home fragrance. But it's no longer available. :( Medium high throw with half a tart.

Blackberry Lemon Ice Cream (Front Porch Candle Co.)
This is a weird blend to my nose, I can't smell either the Blackberry or the Lemon, just something sweet. Very high scent throw though.

Pear (Front Porch Candle Co.)
I am not sure about most pears but the pears I do eat don't have as lovely a fragrance FP's Pear. One colleague commented that it smells like fruity bubblegum! I am melting this in the office and the scent throw is very high however the scent peters out faster than compared to The Bathing Garden's Lemon Rose Curd.

Captain Tightpants (Two Timing Tart - Old Wax Formula)
This is the type of scent to relax by, the rice flowers and sea salt blend into a delicate, powdery scent. I am liking how florals seem to blend really well with sea salt. Might have to investigate these type of blends further. I am melting two cubes, the scent throw took awhile to develop into a high throw! Strongest scent from TTT so far. Also, I have been melting it for 3 days (4 tealights) and it's still going strong!

Lemon Juniper (Two Timing Tart)
True to the cold throw, this is a fresh fizzy, citrusy scent. This tart is in TTT's new wax formula and i immediately noticed that it throws much better than the old wax formula. In fact, I am classifying this as a high throw. The throw is long-lasting too, I have been melting this for 2 days (4 tealights) and it's finally fading. I am impressed!

Repeat Melts (Not pictured)
Honeydew, Strawberry, Creamsicle (Super Tarts)
Silk Sheets (Two Timing Tart - Old Wax Formula)
Grape Fluff Blueberry Confetti Cake (Up The Creek)

Friday, May 9, 2014


I thought I would stop ordering in May and just wait for my outstanding orders to be shipped. Obviously I thought wrong because May could be my biggest haul to date. Now I am wondering if I should be patient and wait for all orders to be shipped together or to split the orders into two shipments. If I am patient, it might give me half a chance to work my way through my current stash a little bit more. But really, who wants to wait for their wax goodies!

Vintage Chic Scents | Flash Sale
VCS had 14 lots up for flash sale on Wednesday, style. I threw my hat into the ring for the lots that were below $20 for the fun of it, and what do you know, I actually won Lot #1! The lot consists of 10 rose tarts and is a good mix of original and new scent blends like Smart Cookie, GG on Gilligan's, Tiki Volcano Bowl, Rose's Powder Room, 1927, Imagene's Lemon Serendipity Cream, Blue Hawaii Camu Camu, Film Noir, Lucy and Ethel, Pineapple Brown Sugar Cookie.

Enchanted Candle Co.
I heard about Enchanted Candle Co. a few weeks back during what was either their first or second opening. I was immediately charmed by the theme and elegance of the company and the scent blends that Debra (the owner) had concocted. When Debra re-stocked earlier this week, I couldn't help myself! I got scents from the Mary Poppins, Winnie the Pooh, Mothers of Disney and Everyday collections.

Cherry Blossom Moon | Flash Sale
Cherry Blossom Moon had a flash sale a couple weeks ago and I played after hearing really good things about CBM and interacting with Angela (the owner) in Facebook groups. After winning a few items from the flash sale, I asked Angela if I could add on a few more items to my items to make the shipping more worthwhile. Angela graciously agreed so now I am waiting for a little bit for her to fill up the bag with mystery items.

Sniff My Tarts | Mystery Bag
I am number 2 on the list! So close!

Rosegirls | Assorted Sampler
I am number 20 on the list, if RG continues at their current pace, I am thinking it might be my turn in another two or three weeks. Fingers crossed.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Haul | Two Timing Tart (2)

It was as if this bag was meant to be mine. I snagged the last Spring Cleaning themed mystery box offered on Two Timing Tart's new Facebook group on my very first click into the group! It was for $15 inclusive of shipping. Don't you love how colourful and springy it is!

This little monthly box seems to be regular thing. For this April box, Becky offered clean, fresh and floral blends but for May, it will be all chocolate blends. If you are a choc-a-holic, you should probably check it out.

Ocean Cotton Now officially known as Dad's Clean Blend on the website. Cotton brushed with sea breezes, deep minerally sea salt and kelp notes, and just a touch of vanilla to round it out.
If this melts as good as it smells, it might take over Cactus & Sea Salt's reign as my favourite fresh scent. There is an equal blend of the sea breeze, sea salt, cotton and kelp notes. The only note I can't quite catch is the vanilla.

Violet Mojito
So far, I quite like TTT's way of blending florals and cocktails. I don't think any other vendor is doing anything quite like Becky. I can really get the sweet floral of the violet and the tang of the mojito.

Pink Sugar Rose Red Pink Sugar + Rose Red (perfect rose red touched with sea salt and pomegranate)
What a big chunk of wax! I mostly smell pink sugar and the sea salt. And I want to try Rose Red by itself because I actually think it works. Again, TTT might be the only vendor blending rose with sea salt.

Lemon Juniper
A mildly fizzy lemon with a green herbal note. I might throw one of this little sunshines into my warmer soon to get a feel of the new wax formula.