Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Haul | The Glitterati Candle Co (1)

A little recap, this is a flash sale that I won on the Glitterati Facebook group. I am still not quite sure how ordering works for this company but I am definitely going to look into it more carefully because this wax smells amazing and ridiculously strong on cold sniff.

Cantaloupe & Fresh Oranges
More oranges than cantaloupes but I am not complaining. Sweet and citrusy!

Jamaican Me Crazy A fresh tropical concoction with ripe notes of peach, papaya and mango and coconut.
This smells absolutely amazing, I am smelling lots and lots of peach and mango!

Pralines Vanilla caramel, dark brown sugar and butter-drenched pecans.
I think of a caramel Starbucks frappucino when I smell this. Yummy!

Wildberry Buttercream
The more I sniff this, the more I like it! It smells a lot like candies.

Beaver Tails x 2 Warm pastry filled with warm cinnamon sugar, sweet almond and juicy raisins (Bear Claws).
I am a little disappointed to get two of the same chunks and not in a scent I particularly like. This is going into my giveaway box.

Blue Cotton Candy
I am pretty sure the blue in this scent refers to blueberry. I like that this isn't sickly sick from the cotton candy and the blueberry is so fruity!

Lavender / Rosemary / Vanilla Mint
Yes, another sleepy time winner! The lavender is more of a base that highlights the rosemary and the sweet mint. So good!

Pecan & Pumpkin
It's a nice combo, equal in both pecans and pumpkins, could be a little sweeter though.

Strawberry / Fresh Pear / VBN
I love love love the Strawberry and Fresh Pear combo in here, it almost smells perfume-y too. Not much of VBN during the cold sniff though.

I am rather amazed at the amount of samples Janine popped into this little flash sale package. Count 'em, 4 SAMPLES!

Fall Berry Cranberry and autumn leaves.
Nice! It's more of a green scent but I can definitely smell the cranberry under layer. Definitely one for a fresh, spring day.

Livin' La Vida Juicy A berry, citrusy and light musk scent with vanilla - fresh and fun.
Yep, this one lives up to the description of fresh and fun. Definitely a perfume-y scent.

Tropical Pop
Oh this one is good, it smells like apples!

Tropical Twist
Smells like a fun, citrusy vacation drink! I can also smell a little hint of ginger and lime!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wax Notes | October 2014 (1)

Butt Naked (Crabby Candle Co.)
This is going to be a weird way to describe it, but this is fruity with a hint of mothballs! I hope it isn't the wax going bad but I think I am going to melt my way through my Crabby stash this month, just in case. Not as strong as previous Crabby tarts.

Strawberry Shortcake (Crabby Candle Co.)
Nothing much to shout home about this scent, a very artificial strawberry. On the plus side, the longevity of the wax was about 4 tealights although the throw was rather weak by the fourth one.

Hot Orange Danish (Candles From The Keeping Room)
This is definitely a bakery scent that I like, I know, so rare! I really like how the cream cheese frosting blends so well with the orange citrus scent. Fruity and sweet, very comforting!

Pinky Skittleton (Crabby Candle Co.) - Not pictured.
Sweet like the candy and very strong in throw.

The Sultan's Moroccan Massage Oil (Enchanted Candle Co.)
I am melting this for research, Enchanted is doing their last opening of the year and I am almost sure I am going to be putting in an order with them! Gah, that little mustache is seriously adorable and throwing really well for such a little thing. I keep thinking of talcum powder when I inhale this scent but there's really none of that in the scent description. I am getting a very well-blended rosemary and lavender. The mint is much fainter but it keeps the blend interesting and not too herbal. Definitely need more for relaxing nighttime melting!

Repeat Melts
Nod & Dream (Enchanted Candle Co.)
Vanilla Layered Rootbeer Float (The Bathing Garden)
Orange Cream & Marshmallow (CFTKR)
Serendipity / Marshmallow Noel / Peppermint (Sniff My Tarts)
Captain Tightpants (Two Timing Tart)

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Haul | Thirty Street Crafts (1)

I am very excited about Thirty Street Crafts! It's definitely one of the up and coming wax companies of 2014 and I can definitely see that they are gathering momentum and traction in the wax world. Jessica Cates is the owner and she has such a style about the way she is running this company. Her ordering process is smooth and easy, the website is usually open for about 5 days for unlimited orders with a pre-set list of scents that is announced in advance. Her wax is beautiful (look at them!), the scent blends are intricate, delicious and so strong on cold sniff! Her TAT is also ridiculously fast! Most of her wax is actually pre-poured and she starts shipping as soon as orders come in rather than waiting till the restock closes! I am definitely looking forwards to ordering more from her once I start melting this stuff!

(start clockwise from the first row!)

Cliffs of Insanity Gain Island Fresh type gives notes of ozone, greenery, lavender, rose, jasmine, melon & vanilla, blended with fresh lemon, grapefruit & clementine.
A strong laundry note, I like how Jessica amps this up with citrus! So good!

Fencing Masters Lime, mandarin, lemon & sea salt, followed by icy guava nectar, strawberries, pineapple & vanilla rum.
The lime and lemon hits me first before the sea salt and a general fruitiness. I would never have thought to combine citrus and sea salt but I think it works really really well! One of my faves from this order.

Kingdom of Florin The scent of laundry hanging on a line, fresh fruits of peach, watermelon, neroli, jasmine and pear, gooseberry & raspberry.
Love this one too and I must say the laundry scent is one of the strongest in this order in fact my whole package smells of laundry! Beyond the laundry, I am smelling sweet pears and peaches!

The 'Kissing' Book Creamy rainbow sherbert smooches lime, pineapple, orange, raspberry, and a base of vanilla blended with sweet coconut and ripe pear.
The rainbow sherbet is very yummy in here and blends well with the vanilla and coconut. I  don't really smell the pear.

Princess Buttercup Delicate pink rose, jasmine, soft violet, sweet musk and sweet marshmallow.
So pretty! I am smelling lots of rose, violets and musk.

Prince Humperdink Juicy orange, lemon, maraschino cherry, pineapple, sea spray, sweet coconut, vanilla rum and fresh ozone.
I really like these cameo tarts, the size is handy to throw into a warmer and the mould is so cute! I don't think there is any other company doing cameo tarts like Thirty Street. The maraschino cherry scent is really strong here. After sniffing really hard, I begin to get the pineapple, sweet coconut and vanilla rum. So far, not very much citrus.

Straight up, fizzy satsuma! I feel energised just sniffing this.

Green Apple
This smells exactly like the Green Apple slurpee that I often get from 7-11! So good and just begging to be blended!

Vanilla Nutmeg (Sample)
I really like this size of samples, in fact, I would also be willing to buy wax in this form. Just small enough to pop into smaller warmers. Vanilla Nutmeg is a very warm & cozy kind of sweet. The nutmeg adds a little interest to an otherwise plain vanilla scent.

Tuscan Fields (Sample)
Mostly this smells of fresh air and grass greens but I am detecting a little fruitiness underlaid throughout. I think I am going to like this!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wax Notes | September 2014 (2)

Sunnee (of the amazing Fragrance Obsessed blog) once mentioned how difficult it was to start posts like these. Usually I mention whether this was a good or bad fortnight but it can get kind of awkward. For once, I have something legit to talk about. I love my new tart warmer! I love how deep and wide the dish, I don't have to cut up bigger chunks or worry that the wax will overflow. And I can also blend leftover pieces from different chunks together! LOVE!

Watermelon / Strawberry Kiwi Sorbet / Raspberry Guava (Sniff My Tarts)
I might be starting an SMT kick this month because SMT is going to open up for an order in October and I want to be ready for it by trying out the chunks I already have! Scent throw is good and strong with SMT. With three types of scents going into a blend, it's a bit difficult to pick apart the scents but I think the watermelon has an edge over the sweet fruitiness of the strawberry and the raspberry.

Mango Sorbet / Tangerine / Strawberry Daiquiri (Sniff My Tarts)
This is fun, fruity scent, I really like the tangerine in here and I need to start thinking up possible blends with these. The scent throw is surprisingly weak, medium at best, and I am melting a huge chunk. :( However, longevity is pretty amazing, been melting this through 4 tealights

Pink Sugar Milk (CFTKR)
A little wary of this combination because I am not sure about the milky scent note but it's pretty good. The milk note isn't sour at all and really helps to tone down the sickly sweetness of Pink Sugar. The throw is amazing as well, throwing right out of my bedroom doors.

Blue Sugar Lavender Martini (Two Timing Tart)
I like this scent, it's mostly blue sugar but the underlying lavender is so pretty! I can't distinguish between blue sugar and martini because both have a sour note to it. The throw is really weird on this, sometimes it's medium high, sometimes I can barely smell it.

Cucumber Mint + Spearmint + Honeydew Ya (Super Tarts)
It's crazy hot today and I really wanted something fruity and minty so I decided to mix these three together! I think this three scents went very well together, although poor Spearmint got a bit drowned out because it was the smallest chunk of the trio, would have loved to get more. Excellent throw as usual with Super Tarts' wax, it's on its third tealight and still going strong. My Mum is loving this combination and she's been making noises about wanting to melt in her room too, of course, I am thrilled! More wax to burn and buy! Haha!

Bliss (Crabby Candle Co.)
Despite the scent description of lemon, sage, chamomile and rosewater, I really only get the lemon and sage. It's a very sharp lemon, almost veering on cleaning detergent lemon. I am definitely disappointed that the chamomile and rosewater wasn't apparent.

Repeat Melts
Hello Sweetie (Two Timing Tart)