Saturday, August 16, 2014

Wax Notes | August 2014 (1)

A pretty, productive fortnight of melting. I have been working at finishing my Front Porch and Two Timing Tart stash (my oldest orders) to make way for my incoming orders. And I also really need an excuse to buy more from Two Timing Tart. Heehee! 

Tropical Sugar (CFTKR)
Not a scent that immediately grabs me but it's pleasant enough since it's a sweet fruity vanilla. More emphasis on the vanilla and sweetness with little flashes of citrus. Like everyone knows, CFTKR throws really well!

Cotton Candy Apple Bread (Front Porch Candle Co.)
One of my favourite FP scent notes is Apple. I find it a little more perfume-y than a true fruity apple. If they ever had an Apple sampler, I am definitely grabbing one for myself. In this blend, the apple stands out against a sweet, bread-y background. My colleagues actually commented that it reminds them of pandan cake! And I can definitely see why they would think that. It's really interesting how different noses pick out or combine scents to smell different things!

White Tea & Mango (Crabby Candle Co.)
An elegant take on a fruity scent. I am really enjoying this! Scent throw is pretty decent. And I could smell the mango scent after three days of melting (about 8-10 hours each day).

Butterfly Kisses (Front Porch Candle Co.)
FP's Apple always seems to be strongest scent in any blending. I am not sure if I am complaining about it though because while I love apple, I would also like to sniff the blend that it's part of.

Repeat Melts
Lavender Cotton Candy Frosting (L3WW)
Captain Tightpants (Two Timing Tart)
Still Not Ginger (Two Timing Tart)
Serendipity Peppermint (I Heart Wax)
Drunk Photography (Two Timing Tart)

Monday, August 11, 2014

Haul | Rosegirls (1)

This post have been sitting in my drafts folder for quite some time because I have this OCD need to schedule my posts so that there is something regularly popping up on the blog as I wait between my haul shipments. But I finally decided to pull the trigger on this one because I am this close to getting all my June & July shopping into my PO Box. Just waiting for one more Glitterati flash sale lot (Yes, I won! More about that in an upcoming post!) and a couple of my best friend's shopping packages to reach. Then BAM! I am going to be in set in wax for at least till the end of the year.

So, my first ever Rosegirls haul! I managed to net myself an Assorted sampler at the April sampler-only opening. I was about the 50th person in line and I waited 2 months to my turn. I think Rosegirls have managed to get through half the list at this point of time. It makes me wonder if they should have focused a little more on the sampler list between the end of the January orders and the start of the June orders, because at this rate, the last person on the list might have waited abut 7-8 months. :(

I am really happy with my sampler. It's good mix of bakery, fruity bakery and florals. Melting through this will probably help me a lot in figuring out my next custom order with Rosegirls. I am still nervous with blending but I am definitely going to try my hand at it in future.

Absolute Monster Cookie Fluff Puffs Monster Cookie chunks and Absolute Coffee chunks, overpoured with our Marshmallow Smoothie.
This is pretty yummy, I can see why it's one of RG's most popular blends. The cookie and coffee notes are equally blended and delicious together.

Blackberry Cotton Candy Waffle Cone Cotton Candy Frosting chunks with a Waffle Cone overpour.
The blackberry comes through pretty strongly and there's a sweetness enveloping it.

Bodacious Bowser Dunk My Donut, Monster Cookie, Waffle Cone and a surprising twist of crisp Green Apple
This is a really interesting scent blend, I never would have thought about green apple and bakery blends. I am also surprised that the Green Apple is pretty dominant and snakes it way through the bakery. I like this a lot!

Cotton Candy Frosting Smoothie Rich creamy frosting flavoured with a strong base of sugary sweet cotton candy confection + Marshmallow smoothie.
I am not one for super sweet scents so I am not too sure about this one. I can slightly detect the milky Marshmallow Smoothie scent note.

Delicate Daisy Bombshell (VS Type) and Cotton Candy Frosting
I have never smelled Bombshell before but I am getting a sweet, floral perfume-y note. The Cotton Candy Frosting softens the perfume-y scent and I quite like it.

Earth Angel Sweet Lavender Chunks / Sinfully Sweet Pops chunks / Vanilla Ice Cream
I am so glad to receive a chunk in Earth Angel, there were so many raves on the RG FB page but the scent blend didn't call out to me when I was going through the scent list so I am glad to have a chance to try it. It's really really nice, the Sweet Lavender is the strongest scent and it's just slightly herbal.

Lemon Noel Smoothie 
I couldn't find an exact scent description but I think it's pretty self-explanatory, Lemon + Marshmallow Noel + Marshmallow Smoothie. One of my faves from this order, the Lemon is sugary sweet after being blended with VBN and Marshmallow Smoothie but still with a tinge of citrus acidity.

Marilyn's Magarita Marilyn (A fun and flirtatious scent) + Magarita (Vanilla, lime and lemon magarita with a dash of salt)
Super lime-y! It makes me want a magarita right now!

Nilla Strawberry Noel
I think this might be a customer blend. The Nilla is a wafer type scent if I am not wrong. I mostly get the Nilla wafer and a little bit of strawberry (which is a little plasticky but I have come to associate that with most strawberry scents).

Oooh La La Custom blend of Pink Sugar Cookie and Vanilla Musk
The pink sugar and vanilla musk are pretty equally blended, sometimes I get a stronger whiff of the Pink Sugar, sometimes I get a stronger whiff of the Vanilla Musk. I don't smell much cookie which is good by me.

Over The Moon Custom blend of Hurricane Daiquiri and Raspberry Sauce chunks with a Vanilla Ice Cream overpour
I can mostly smell a sweet fruity scent from this chunk. Not my favourite of the sampler.

Pomegranate Watermelon Smoothie
Probably another customer blend, I smell mainly Pomegranate and the Watermelon notes. I am a little wary of Pomegranate from the Love Potion No.9 chunk I melted earlier, hopefully better luck with this one.

Pink Sugar, Blue Sugar and Royal Sugar Cookies
I have never tried a Pink and Blue Sugar blend and I think I kind of like it! I can also smell the sweet, homely scent of cookies.

Raspberry Lilac Lilac Lane chunks are over poured with our Raspberry Sauce
Wow, this is so strong, the scent hits you right in the face when I opened the baggy. The lilac definitely overwhelms the raspberry but I think the lilac scent is so authentic and gorgeous!

Raspberry Peach Tea Raspberry Sauce chunks, Peach chunks with an overpour of White Tea (BBW type
Mmm, another favourite of the sampler! The raspberry and peach chunks are strong and fruity, and the White Tea ties them all together with a soft floral undertone.

Raspberry Streuselkuchen Raspberry bits blended with Streuselkuchen
I was so glad to see a Streuselkuchen blend in my sampler! I really want to try this so-popular scent from RG but I don't have the courage to get it myself. The Raspberry helps to soften the Streuselkuchen which is pretty spicy to my nose. I am looking forward to trying this out!

Strawberry Mint Ice Cream Strawberry Jam chunks, Peppermint chunks and Vanilla Ice Cream overpour
I don't even really like Mint Ice Cream in real life but somehow I really like it in wax form. When I first smelled this, I remember the Strawberry was a lot stronger but now I barely smell it and the Mint Ice Cream is really strong!

Wildberry and Sweet Lemon Confection Wildberry + Decadent sweet lemon custard whipped to a creamy and smooth finish.
This was the largest chunk I received in the sampler and I am so glad because this is my absolute favourite from this sampler. The Sweet Lemon Confection is so so so yummy!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Haul | Vintage Chic Scents (2)

Whoops, I almost forgot about this pending review. This was from my second flash sale win from VCS, which is pretty much the only way I am able to get my hands on these wax!

Blue Hawaii Camu Camu
I don't know the components of this scent but I can smell the tropicalness of the Blue Hawaii, maybe a slight earthiness from the Camu Camu.

Film Noir Glazed cinnamon donuts, snickerdoodle and marshmallow
This blend isn't really up my alley but I think Fall scents lovers would really 'fall' for this one (Heehee!).

GG on Gilligan's GG (honeydew, watermelon and cantaloupe) blended with Gilligan's Island (Bahama Fizz Type and pineapple)
So tropical, fresh, fruity and delicious! The GG scent is the stronger of the two blends and it is so good!

Jackie O Will Never Be Hungy Again Marshmallow, birthday cake & VBN + wildberry mousse, marshmallow & zucchini bread.
So sweet from all that marshmallow and VBN. The zucchini bread cuts through the sweetness but the wildberry mousse is buried under it

Imagene's Lemon Serendipity Cream Coconut cream pie with a hint of cherry blended with lemon
Ohmygosh, this blend is so so yummy! I can't believe how well everything goes together. I am also reminded of Fruit Loops when I sniff this.

Lazy Summer Days Honeydew, cotton candy, lime
Mmm, this definitely typifies lazy, summer days. The honeydew and cotton candy is yummy and strong. Occasionally a whiff of lime comes through and it provides a fizzy background.

Lucy and Ethel Pistachio pudding cake, coconut and marshmallows
Wow, the pistachio (and almond) hits you pretty strong and it is really authentic. I like this one a lot!

Pineapple Brown Sugar Cookie
Warm and comforting, the brown sugar cookie scent is really strong and I can't smell any hint of pineapple at all.

Rose's Powder Room Peach lavender bergamot
This is such a surprising combination of scents but it is so good! I can't stop sniffing it. Definitely one of my favourites of this lot. The peach, lavender and bergamot are equal in strength and blends so well together. If I could order from VCS, I would definitely get this in bigger quantities.

Smart Cookie Double chocolate cookie and buttermint
So glad to have another tart of this scent in this lot! I really like this one!

Tiki Volcano Bowl Tropical Fruit Blend
Exactly as it says, tropical, fruity and sweet.

1927 Fresh strawberries, pink sugar and sugar milk
I believe this is one of VCS' signature scents, the strawberry note is one of the nicest I have ever smelled. I can clearly smell the sour note of the sugar milk. The pink sugar is also faintly in the background.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Wax Notes | July 2014 (2)

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice (Enchanted Candle Co.)
So fresh and juicy, this scent! It really is perfect for hot, summer days. The scent throw is good and strong, throwing right out of my room (high throw!).

Colombian Coffee (Ten Digit Creations)
Smells very much like milk coffee with just a hint of sweetness, I wasn't sure if I would like coffee scents, I put off warming this for the longest time because I was afraid it. But hey, I kind of do like it! It's making my room smell like a coffee house!

Ever Night (The Bathing Garden)
I am melting two cubes and the scent throw is medium at best. It's a lovely lavender scent, very soothing at night. If I concentrate hard enough, I can detect the musk and sweet  that really makes this scent very pretty. It just needs an extra omph to the scent throw to make this really awesome.

Madman with a Box (Two Timing Tart - Old Formula)
A Doctor Who scent! I have been hoarding this for awhile but I have decided that it's time to start melting through in anticipation of the 8th Series. Also, I really need to use up my TTT old wax formula, I can't order more till I get them out of the way! However, Becky doesn't seem to offering very much of her older scent blends with her new ways of selling so I have no idea when I might be able to get my hands on this blend again. I really like it very much, there's blue agave, blueberry, lime and peppermint candies in this. I am getting major whiffs of (what I think is) blue agave and peppermint. The blueberry is quieter in the background but I can't really get any lime. Medium-high throw but it only lasted about two tealights.

Pink Dunes (Crabby Candle Co.)
This is such a 'pink' scent! Not pink as in pink sugar but pink as in pretty, sweet and floral. This 0.75oz tart is throwing nice and high in my 11w warmer. By the way, while going back to check scent descriptions, I noticed that the Crabby Candle Co. website is offline, anyone knows what happened to them?

Serendipity Marshmallow Noel Peppermint (Sniff My Tarts)
The most dominant scent note to me is the Marshmallow Noel but there's also something fruity swirling around, most likely the cherry and orange from Serendipity. The peppermint is very very faint. The scent throw is medium-high!

Repeat Melts
The Olive Lemon Grove (The Bathing Garden)
Drunk Texting (Two Timing Tart - Old Formula)
Coconut Milk & Lavender (Candles from the Keeping Room)
Lavender, Green Tea, Grapefruit (Bit of Bliss)