Saturday, February 20, 2016

Haul | Pocket Full of Peonies (1)

I learned about new company Pocket Full of Peonies from Fragrance Obsessed, as I do for most things wax. It came at a time when I had wanted to branch out a little from the usual wax vendors so I put them on my list to try and kept a close watch on the company. When they announced they would be doing a Black Friday sale, I saw that as the perfect opportunity to make an order. I think it was a 20% discount.

I like this company so far. The owner, Jennifer Colony, has clearly tried her best to differentiate her products from others by having really unique shapes. Her scent blends include more unusual ones. At the moment, she has a website for RTS products and she opens up for custom orders fairly frequently. Her Facebook group is a good source of information for when customs are open and for flash sales.

Personally, I like my order. The TAT was fairly quick and everything was packaged really nicely. The cold sniff on her products are very strong. I look forward to melting them to find out if the hot throw will be just as good.

Laurel & Cranberry Unique combination of fresh fruit and berry notes along with the outdoor aroma of crisp pine and warm woodsy forest.
I really like this scent, it does have a Chrismassy feeling to this from the cranberry. So juicy and fruity!

Muscle Relaxer Spearmint, Eucalyptus and Wintergreen
Wow! This one is strong and the wintergreen scent is probably not for everyone. But I do like it especially for days when I need some help with my sinuses.

Peppermint Coconut Marshmallow
I really like this scent. It's blended really well, no one scent stands out too much but you can smell all of them too. This is really the surprise of this order for me.

Sweet on Paris The delights of an authentic Paris bakery with sweet notes of blackberry, lemon, and buttery vanilla.
A super sweet scent blackberry scent, I don't detect much lemon on cold sniff. I wouldn't think of a bakery when I sniff this scent though.

Tea & Cakes
This has been a pretty popular scent in the recent year and I can see why. It's pretty nice. I like that I can smell the lemon in the tea

These tart cups are actually 3.25oz in size. They surprised me with their size so I thought I would put it next to a regular 2oz for some visual comparison.

Macintosh Apple / Barbershop / Morrocan Mint
I was intrigued by the inclusion of the Barbershop scent note, and I have never seen this blend by anyone before. Plus it has apples! It's a really interesting blend, I like it!

Lemon Tart Lucky Charms
I bought this tart because I was interested to find out what another cereal scent smelled like. There is definitely some difference from Fruit Loops, although I can't really tell you why.

Rosewater Lemonade Zesty, fresh squeezed lemon, juicy strawberries and raspberry blossoms meet iced rose petals.
I think of rosewater and lemon when I sniff this blend. Very nice one!

Lavender Vanilla / Spearmint
Another sleepy time scent for the collection! Yums!

Jennifer gave me a whole bunch of mystery samples, packaged cutely in a separate bag. While these shapes are cute, I have no idea what they are and I am not a fan of that. Most of them smell sweet and bakery. I guess I will just throw them into the warmer from time to time.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Haul | Tiffany Candles (3)

Tiffany Candles is a go-to vendor for me. It seems to be open for customs frequently (if not, always) and when they plan an RTS restocks, Tiffany always asks for scent requests and blends to make, which is almost as good as making a custom order. I like their scents, they have both single notes and blends. I managed to catch an RTS restock in December and I made a small-ish order.

Pink Peppermint
I was quite excited when I saw this blend come up in a bag. This is a sleepy time blend and I always want more of this to keep in my stash. And I can never remember how much I have of it, so I am always hauling more. Wax addict problems, anyone?

Lavender Mac Apple
I knew I wanted this blend because this is a combination I have wanted to make myself but it's better when a vendor does it, don't you think? At the moment, the Mac Apple is the strongest with a hint of sweet lavender in the background. I hope the lavender gets going more when melting. But I don't think these would be a sleepy time type scent. These are the small 4oz scoopables. They are very cute and it's a good size to get blends you like but might not love so much to get huge quantities. I really like scoopables because I can control how much I use since I have different size warmers.

Rosemary Mint
Re-purchase. A favourite TC scent for sure. I am definitely interested to try Rosemary Mint scent blends in future.

Key Lime Pie Sweet, refreshing citrus aroma with a warm crust
I have actually never bought the Key Lime Pie scent before, and I actually do like this scent from a destash/haul that I bought quite early in my wax adventures. So I am super excited that I finally bought some of it.

Olive Leaves Fruity, fresh blend with pineapple, peach and leafy greens
I thought this might be a dupe of Lush's Olive Branch but it's not. But that's ok, I like this scent. The pineapple provides a very rounded, jelly-ish, fruity scent. I do smell the sweet peach note and a bit of the green and fresh scent.

Satsuma & Strawberry 
I think this smells exactly like The Body Shop's satsuma and strawberry scents. The latter scent is stronger for sure.

Cotton Candy / Waffle Cone / Sweet Cream
The Sweet Cream is the stronger of the three scents, tempering the bakery note of the waffle cone and the sweetness of the cotton candy. Not my scent alleys but it's quite nice

Pink Panties Pink Sugar and Love Spell blend
I feel like this scent has developed more since the first time I sniffed it. And I am really liking it more even though I am not a fan of the individual Pink Sugar or Love Spell scent.

Stress Relief A beautifully balanced, calming blend of lavender, coriander and sage, touched with a hint of star anise.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Band of Bloggers | Vol 2 / February 2016

Welcome to the month of February! Congratulations, you survived the start of the New Year! If this is your first month joining us, Band of Bloggers is a revamped version of the Order of the Odor, where we do a monthly chat about all matters of waxy things and life. We hope you join us in the conversations!

This month's question is: Now that we have settled into the new year of 2016, we wanted to find out what are your goals for this year (life, blog, work, travel etc)?

I am not a person that typically sets annual goals or resolutions, but in the past year, I have been thinking more about character development and I decided to write down some tangibles. These are not goals that are meant to be achieved just for this year but for putting into practice, I hope it becomes a way of life.

1. Volunteer: I have been feeling for awhile that my time on the weekends can be better used and I have been feeling this urge to volunteer. But I have been looking for a cause and I think I finally found it in para-sports. I volunteered with Asean Para Games last December and it was such an inspiring experience working with all these para-athletes who have had to approach life differently than the rest of us. I hope to be able to do more for this community.

2. Be Kind: When I was in Australia two years ago, I noticed that every bus commuter greeted their drivers when they got up or alighted. This rarely happens in Singapore and I wanted to take this attitude back with me. Now, I do a simple "Hello" when I get on a bus and I smile and nod to the station controllers. I hope this simple act of kindness conveys my appreciation to them and, personally, I find myself feeling more cheerful too.


Please visit these Band of Bloggers blogs
and help support the blogger community!

Lauren, at Lolo Loves Scents.
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Sunnee, at Fragrance Obsessed.

Thank you, and have a great day!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Wax Notes | Jan 2016 (2)

I am very happy that I kept up with my melts this second half of January. My stash is still a little bigger than I would like but I feel like I am finally beginning to make a bit of a dent. I don't think I will be buying anything anytime soon. I have more than enough to last me for a good while. At least till June.

Peanut Butter Cups (Orchid Lake)
This scent, while there is a tiny hint of cardboard, is really making me craving Reese's! Medium high scent throw, medium high scent impact.

Baked Wildberry Bread (K's Kreations)
A pleasant berry scent a tinge more sour than sweet. Medium high scent throw, medium low scent impact.

Cotton Candy Bliss / Strawberry Jam / Pina Colada (Sniff My Tarts)
The Pina Colada is the dominant scent in this chunk and it makes for a tropical holiday scent. The strawberry jam peeks out at times and I am enjoying it. Medium high scent throw, medium scent impact.

Rosie The Riveter (Vintage Chic Scents)
A just sweet enough caramel scent with a hint of coffee. I like this! More than I thought I would! High throw, medium high scent impact.

Blueberry Hill (Rosegirls)
I find this a fruity yet soothing and calming. It's lovely and I can see why it's a hot favourite among Rosegirls fans. High scent throw, medium scent impact

Honey Tree (Enchanted Candle Co.)
I actually thought I melted this scent before since I mixed it up in a lot of blends in my last Enchanted order but I haven't. This is heavenly honey scent, with a sweet strain of rose twining through it. I love love love it! High throw and medium high scent impact.

Violet Vixen (Ten Digit Creations)
Violet scents are usually very overpowering but with the addition of the lime, this one isn't as overboard as it could be. Very high throw, medium high scent impact.

Bare Naked Lady (K's Kreations)
More sweet than citrusy, this scent doesn't really make an impression though. Medium high scent throw, medium low impact.

Repeat Melts
Starburst (Beezy's)
Ocean Breeze (Smelly Buttons)