Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Wax Notes | Dec 2014

Happy New Year's Eve, everyone! I hope you have happy plans for tonight, whatever it may be, a night out on the town or a cozy evening in with your loved ones. :)

I was really busy this December, preparing for an incredibly packed calendar of events for January. So rather than making two wax notes posts as I usually do, I got lazy and decided to just keep the posts running for the rest of the month. You don't mind, right? :)

You might notice as you scroll down this post that my cream warmer has suffered a little mishap. I was trying to knock out a particularly troublesome piece of wax when I got a little too enthusiastic and a chunk of the ceramic was broken off as well. Now it looks like someone took a chomp out of it!

Tuscan Fields (Thirty Street Wax)
Wow! This tart has barely melted and it's begin to throw like crazy! Sweet yet clean and green scent. Very slightly acidic but in a pleasant way. It also has a syrupy sweet quality to it. I love complex blends like these!

Zucchini Noel Surprise (Up The Creek)
I probably should have cut this chunk up in half but I was lazy and I wanted to test out the theory about small and large chunks and how it affects throw. My conclusion is less is more! I decided to melt this on a cool, rainy night and it was the perfect, mellow blend of sweet and spice for me. The throw was medium to medium-high but it didn't last beyond two tealights.

Blue Sugar Gin Martini (Two Timing Tart)
I am melting an entire 2oz cup but there is barely any scent. From what I can sniff, it's an interesting alcoholic blend. I would drink this. Hee!

Sinus Relief (Tiffany Candles)
This wax tarts from Tiffany's came just in time, I have been really congested today and after popping this in, I can feel my nose clearing! Refreshing! My mother claims she can smell this clear across the hall from my room into hers, which makes this wax very very high throwing indeed.

Candy Crush (Crabby Candle Co.)

To my nose, this is a sweet grape candy-like scent but with a twist - a little caramel sweetness mixed in. It's pleasant but not a scent that grabs me. Medium scent throw.

Candy Crush (Up The Creek)
I thought it would be interesting to melt two identically named scents in succession to find out if they might be the same scent oil. I think they might be the same but UTC's is slightly fruitier. This is a sweet fruity scent, not citrusy. Medium scent throw.

Pina Colada (Super Tarts) - Not pictured, I forgot to take a picture!
Weirdly, I keep thinking of cookies while it was melting. But I can also detect yummy, tropical pineapples and rum! I have come to associate Super Tarts with a high scent throw initially but it peters out later.

Just A Head Cold (Enchanted)
I had a really bad sneeze that day and I needed to try this out in hopes that it will help clear my stuffed up nose and throat. I am not sure if I am really stuffed up or the throw isn't very strong. But when it does get in my nose, I can feel it just go down my lungs! The second night I melted this, I decided I was definitely congested, the throw was incredibly strong!

Repeat Melts
Winds in the East (Enchanted)
Luscious Lemon Lollies (L3WW)
Lemon Curd & Rose Milk (TBG)
Vintage Circus (TBG)
Raspberry Tea (RG)
Vanilla Layered Root Beer Float (TBG)

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Haul | Rosegirls (2)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas break!

This haul post has been awhile in the making but I have a few days off so I finally got my butt in order to work on my backlog! This RG order was from the 21 June opening. I believe there was a sampler opening and a sale on gift cards recently but I passed on them because with this haul, I have enough RG to last me for a little while.

I was pretty lucky with this haul, making it into the second or third group of wax orders. I didn't think my fingers were that fast! Jenny announced on 23 July that she started working on my order group and I received my CnS on 7 Aug. Just based on the 23 July-7 Aug period, that's a reasonable TAT! Overall, while all the orders in any particular opening may take about 3-4 months to complete, I would say that considering the crazy huge orders that are put in, that Rosegirls also makes wax to stock a physical store and the products are of a high quality, the overall TAT is justified.

I am very satisfied and happy with this order. The scents I picked smell delicious and are all expertly blended. For sure, I will brave the crazy ordering for more RG in future!

Alice in Wonderland Blend of Honeydew and Cotton Candy Frosting
OMG, the honeydew scent is so authentic and really good! And I eat honeydew on a weekly bais

Apple Colada Blend of Green Apple and other tropical fruits
This is a really yummy blend of tropical fruits anchored by the sourness of the green apple.

Blueberry Hill Blend of Boo Berry and Frankenberry
One of RG's most popular blend and I can see why.  I am not sure what's Boo Berry or Frankenberry but this blend is just so berry-licious!

Koopa Troopa Assault Blend of Raspberry Sauce, Sweet Lemon Confection, Pomegranate, and Smoothie
Another crazy popular RG blend, and I am joining the crowd! That Sweet Lemon Confection scent is so good! I might have to seek out all blends with this scent in it.

Lavender Cupcakes with Honey Frosting Blend of Lavender, Cuppa Cake and Wild Honey Bee
Mmm, the Wild Honey Bee scent envelopes the Lavender scent in a huge hug of sweetness but very faintly, a little herbal lavender still shines through to make things interesting. The cuppa cake scent is barely there which suits me just fine!

Macintosh Madness + Rosegirls Garden
Apples and florals make such a good combination, that sweet crunchiness of the Macintosh apples goes really well with the greenness of the florals.

Monster Cookie Fluff Puffs Blend of Smoothie and Monster Cookie
I rarely buy bakery but this blend is continuously praised on the RG facebook page that I just had to try it out and see for myself. It smells a little weird right now, kind of like plastic? I hope it gets better with melting.

Singing in the Rain Secret blend!
This blend is amazing! I will need truckloads more, for sure! To my nose, I detect clean lemon and herbal-type scent. It's fresh and relaxing at the same time!

Summer Daze Blend of Starfruit, Green Apple and Sugared Apple
Another apple blend, of course I had to try it! It's not as sour as Apple Colada but sweeter and more mellow.

Sunny Days Blend of Strawberry Jam and Satsuma
Yummy! I love Satsuma blends for its citrus fizziness, it blends so well with strawberry!

Love Is Many Splendored Thing Pink Sands, Honeydew and Whipped Cream
While this blend is overwhelmingly Pink Sands, there is an extra depth of scent provided by the honeydew.

Nilla Strawberry Noel Blend of Nilla Wafers, Strawberry Jam and Vanilla Bean Noel
The Nilla Wafers are really strong in this scent and it smells really like crispy wafers. If I sniff hard enough, I can detect the strawberry jam.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Haul | Enchanted Candle Company (3)

I think this was a great mystery box! I got lots of scents that I already have and love, some scents that I would not have picked out myself but really liked! And look at those adorable shapes, I can't even...

Duchess A rich creamy vanilla with hints of caramelized sugar (Part of the Mothers of Disney Line, Cream Flower Tart)
This is really creamy and sweet, a very good blending scent!

Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake A thick chocolate chip cookie cake bottom smothered in vanilla ice cream and drizzled in gooey toffee (Part of the Liberty Signature Line, Brown Star Tart)
Mmm, the toffee is very strong, sweet and almost a little coffee-ish. The star shape is huge and I think I will cut it in half.

Pooh's Hunny Pot "Honey I Washed The Kids" by Lush dupe (Part of the Springtime with Roo Signature Blends, Winnie Tart)
I got this scent before and I like it so I am glad to have to have more. It's a totally accurate dupe and check out the adorable Winnie-the-Pooh head shape! So cute!

Bailey's Cream, eggs and chocolate make up this rich Irish whiskey
Unfortunately, this smells like nothing like Bailey's. In fact, it smells kinda fruity.

Cup of Earl A sweet herbal cup of Earl Grey tea that is both fresh and clean
I have this one already and it's super good!

Eeyore's Fluffy Bunny Ears Freshly spun strawberry cotton candy and Easter Peeps
This one is very strawberry sweet (and again that weird plastic note). I am not sure what Easter Peeps are supposed to be, quick googling tells me peeps are made up of marshmallows which makes sense because this one is so sweet!

Lavender & Chamomile A calming herbal blend of lavender, chamomile and hints of eucalyptus
I bought this scent in my second order but it's always good to have back-ups of calming, sleepytime scents. There is a definitely difference between this blend and Nod & Dream. The latter is much sweeter.

Maurice's Amazing Popping Machine Sweet kettle corn topped off with a refreshing cherry coke (Part of the Fathers of Disney Line)
I am surprised at how realistic the cherry coke and kettle corn scents are! Personally I don't think think the two scents blend very well together, but it is so realistic that I am looking forward to melt this to check out its warm scent. I also think that the kettle corn scent could do with a little more sweetness to round everything out.

Mother Gothel Creamy zucchini bread and marshmallow topped with drizzled hazelnut sauce
Wow, the zucchini bread scent immediately makes itself known.

Mrs Incredible Strong bold leather with lacy vanilla
So incredibly (hee!) unique. It's exactly as it says, leather and vanilla. The more I sniff it, the more I like it.

Nod & Dream It will be hard not to nod and dream with this relaxing blend of lavender, vanilla and chamomile.
I bought this in my first Enchanted order and it's great to have a back-up!

Queen Primrose Strong burning lanterns with a bold orange citrus and glowing sunflower
I have this one too. And really, words cannot describe this scent.

Springtime Breaktime The perfect snack after a long afternoon of work. Sweet sugared cookies, honey, and a refreshing glass of lemonade
Another one that I have order before, this one is so good, the honey and lemonade is stronger and I can't really smell any cookies. Really very relaxing kind of scent.

Spring Kleening Day This lavender Fabuloso tart will make your house smell as clean as Rabbit's
If you like laundry/detergent scents, definitely get this one. It's so authentic! I already feel the urge to start cleaning my room!

Strawberry Jam Juicy sweet strawberries
Smells very similar to Eeyore's Fluffy Bunny Ears because like duh, it's the same strawberry! If I had to nitpick a little, it's not very 'juicy'.

Winds in the East "There's a mist comin' in." A fresh thunderstorm scent of brisk breezes blowing across an open field
Another one that I have and I like very much!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Haul | Ten Digit Creations (1)

I am slightly behind in same of the hauls I received earlier! I thought it's about time I finish posting them before my Black Friday orders came in, then it will really be a backlog! My Ten Digit Creations order is excellent, all the scents smell good and strong on cold sniff. Packaging and customer service was impeccable as always. I really have nothing bad to say about this company. They are definitely one of my top 5 vendors!

Aloe & Green Tea The refreshing combo of aloe and green tea
Gorgeous! I can't really describe it though but it's sweet!

Apple Harvest Juicy apples with a touch of spice
This scent is LOVE! I need more of this, for sure!

Avocado & Sea Salt Salty marine notes blend with bright grapefruit, soft white rose, and creamy avocado
Wow, the sea salt scent is really strong. Underlying that, I smell a fresh, green scent.

Bamboo & Sugar Cane Fresh bamboo and sweet sugar cane
Very unusual scent but I like the freshness of the bamboo, there's a little acidity coming through as well.

Bartlett Pear Sweet, juicy aroma of fresh bartlett pears
Omg, I love this! It's so sweet and juicy! I used to love a similar scent from a company that has shut down, so I am really happy to have found this.

Berry Verbena Fresh berries, lemon verbena, and orange satsuma
At first I smell berries but as I sniff harder the lemon verbena and orange satsuma. I smell a bit of lemongrass too but perhaps lemon verbena and lemongrass smells similar?

Chamomile Apple Fresh chamomile blended with sweet crisp apples
I am loving this scent! The chamomile and apples blend so well together, it's more of a refreshing rather than relaxing scent.

Fruit Loops Smells just like the breakfast cereal
The ever-popular and yummy Fruit Loops scent!

Green Tea & Willow Green tea with notes of fresh air, bergamot, white willow, and jasmine
Fresh and airy scent, there's hints of greenness and woodsiness which I am guessing it's part of the willow?

Honey Lemon Refreshing combo of honey and lemon
The honey is stronger of the two scents, I don't smell much lemon and it's really yummy as it is but I hope it comes out a little more in melting.

Lavender Apple Soft lavender and a mix of juicy apples
I was intrigued by this blend because it's rarely seen and I am still intrigued after sniffing it. It's a pretty equal blend of both scents. I think I will classify this as a relaxing scent. I am looking forwards to melting this.

Lavender Mint Fresh lavender paired with notes of peppermint and spearmint
Herbal and refreshing at the same time! I like this one a lot! Need more!

Lemon Marshmallow Fluffy marshmallows and zesty lemon
Can you believe I have never tried this scent before from any company? I am smelling more marshmallow with an under layer of lemon.

Muscadine Muscadine grapes fresh from the vineyard
This is such a good grape scent, sweet and juicy! Grapes is beginning to become one of my favourite scents!

Orange Blossom Uplifting aroma of sweet orange blossoms
It's a pretty floral but I thought there would be more citrus notes.

Peppermint Meringue Sweet peppermint, fluffy marshmallows, and whipped cream make up this sweet confection
Minty sweetness! The marshmallow and sweet creams helps to sweeten it slightly but it's nice that it's not as cloying and heavy as vanilla/

Pink Sands (Yankee type) ~ bright citrus, sweet florals, and spicy vanilla
Smells like the rest of the Pink Sands dupes I have had before. Florals are the dominant scent note for me.

Red Mac Apple The sweetest apple ever...mouthwatering!
Just a good, sweet authentic mac apple. This will be a staple in my stash!

Sea Berry A fresh sea breeze accompanied by a perfect blend of berries
So pretty! I do feel like I am at the seashore, and the berries scent complement it so well.

Sea Salt & Rice Flower Sea salt mingled with creamy rice flower, citrus peel, and cotton blossoms
This is a pretty blend, I didn't think sea salt and flowers would blend so nicely.

Serendipity A super sweet dessert made with creamy vanilla, confectioners sugar, sweet cherries and oranges, and a dash of coconut shavings
I think this is my first straight Serendipity scent. It's good!

Sugar Milk Sweetened condensed milk
True to the description, I really like this on cold sniff but I am not sure how I will feel when it's melting and that sour milk scent envelopes my room.

Sugared Jasmine Jasmine, bergamot, honey, violet, sandalwood, and sugared musk
I really like this, the strong jasmine florals has been toned down by the other notes, in fact, the sandalwood is particularly strong among the rest.

Twisted Lemon Fresh lemon slices and lemongrass with a shot of green tea and vanilla
Super spa-like and refreshing! So good!

Vanilla Lime Creamy vanilla and zesty lime
I wanted to try this to compare between lemon and lime scents. While it is quite zesty, I think Lemon blends better with sweet notes. The lime is a little jarring with the vanilla.

Violet Vixen Violet blends with crisp, clean lime to produce this sophisticated fragrance
Gorgeous! I have always liked violet scents because they are so unlike other florals but they can be a rather overpowering. I don't smell much lime directly but I think it's there helping to tone down the violets.

Lemon Slices (Sample) Strong aroma of freshly cut lemons.
Pretty straightforward scent: effervescent, clean lemon.

Golden Opium (Sample) Intoxicating blend of citron, patchouli, golden amber, musk, clove, myrrh and woods.
What might otherwise have been too hippy a scent is made different by the citron! I wouldn't have

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Wax Notes | Nov 2014 (2)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with your families. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Singapore but we certainly do follow the tradition of Black Friday and Cyber Monday! :) What did everyone score?

I put in orders at Tiffany Candles and K's Kreations, both companies I have yet to try any  products from so I am excited about receiving them. Both my orders were probably on the smaller side. But since both companies do customs, I got all the scents I wanted! My aunt who is holidaying in the US also helped to put in an order of BBW Wallflowers for me. I got Topaz Waters, Fresh Bamboo, Country Apple, Eucalyptus Spearmint, Lavender Vanilla and Holiday Apple Crisp! Sometimes I wonder why I buy so many wallflowers when I am using them at such a slow rate, but I just can't resist!

Onto the wax!

Tropical Pop (Glitterati)
Just like my cold sniff impression, this smells like apples. I wonder if the Winter Candy Apple type scent is part of this blend. Really strong scent throw!

Olive Blossom (Crabby Candle Co.)
Fresh and green scent, I feel like I am out walking in a field. Medium low throw but sadly it lasted for only about one tealight. Disappointing.

Willow's Chocolate Bacon Cupcake / Hazet Nut Coffee / Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Type (Sniff My Tarts)
This blend is a mouthful, isn't it! I got it from my SMT mystery bag a little while ago and I have been waiting for a cool day to melt it. It's rainy today and finally the perfect time to melt this chunk. The dominant scent for me is the Hazelnut Coffee, the rest falls in line neatly. Barely any hint of bacon but when it does come out, it's fun and unexpected!

Luscious Lemon Lollies (L3WW)
More clean than sweet lemon. I would have preferred the latter in a scent of this name. I am not too crazy about this one. The throw is medium-high but thankfully not overpowering. On the second melt, there was barely any throw though.

Lemon Raspberry Shortcake (L3WW)
Very authentic shortcake scent. Medium throw at first, peters out quickly.

Raspberry Peach Tea (Rosegirls)
This half-chunk is throwing like a beast! And it is gorgeously fruity, perfect for a warm sunny day! I smell an equal parts of raspberry and peach.

Repeat Melts
Winds in the East (Enchanted Candle Co.)
Honeydew, Strawberry, Creamsicle (Super Tarts)
Citrus Explosion (Super Tarts)