Friday, May 22, 2015

Haul | Two Timing Tart (4)

Finally, a haul post rather than my usual wax notes! I have a few in the works from some of my recent hauls and I am going to be posting them up slowly but surely! This is the first of my two Two Timing Tart hauls, in fact this is the second of the lot but it was smaller and a lot easier to do my initial impressions. So you will get the Two Timing Tart (3) post a little later. I haven't ordered from Two Timing Tart since early 2014 and I thought it was high time I replenished my stash with them, especially since her new formulation throws great for me.

To order from Two Timing Tart, you have to be part of Becky's Facebook group, during a restock she will post what's available and reload the website on the promised day. You go on the website and select what you want, check out, easy peasy! TTT isn't as popular as some of the other vendors so you rarely have to worry about items going out of stock unless Becky is making only a few items in popular scent. Also if you can be patient enough, you could also wait till she marks down items left from the restock, I find that's a really good deal but the downside is you might not get what you want, which is risk I haven't dared to take!

For this restock, she was taking requests and made virtually everything that was requested. I put in a request for Silk Sheets and I managed to nab a bag of it! Yay! All in all, this was a great order!

Date Night Sensual sandalwood dripping with deep, sweet honey
As advertised, sandalwood and honey comes in equal measure in this scent.

Plum Wine Sandalwood A deep, resinous sandalwood mixed with the decadent freshness of plum wine
I really like this one, a fruity scent that is all grown up and mysterious. I like how the plum is sweetened and rounded up by the wine-grape scent.

M' Lady's Boudoir White musk, soft ebony, a hint of vanilla orchid, sandalwood, and a breath of citrus
An elegant scent that would not be out of place in a perfume bottle, I mostly smell the white musk, ebony and sandalwood.

Jasmine Vanilla Green Tea Peach Flora, tea, and lightly fruitly
This bag is bittersweet, Becky mentioned that this will be the last bags of this scent because she doesn't intend to re-order this fragrance oil. I rather like this one on cold, I smell a mix of jasmine, vanilla and peach.

Silk Sheets Musk, vanilla, cherry blossoms
I requested for this one because I so rarely come across a Cherry Blossom scents that I need to get them while I can. I really enjoyed the clamshell I got in my first order that I know I needed more!

Walk of Shame Bite Me (berries, cherries & lim), lotus blossoms, sea salt
The dominant scent in this blend is Bite Me and as I sniff harder, I begin to discern the floral note of the lotus blossoms. I don't smell the sea salt.

Forever Red BBW Type
I am not sure what's in here but it's floral, sweet and has a dark, mysterious feel to this.

Tobacco Cedar
I was a little afraid when I first opened this up to sniff but thankfully the tobacco is the less dominant note. I imagine this is what a log cabin would smell like.