Thursday, December 1, 2016

Band of Bloggers: Dec 2016

 A full year of fragrant sharing with the Band of Bloggers rounds out 2016. Thank you for supporting the blogger community and taking the time to read and participate in our posts. We will be continuing the Band of Bloggers in 2017 but with some new writers and blogs to follow. Thank you Sunnee and Michelle for this past year of fellowship. We will miss you!

Did you have any favorite wax moments this year? A vendor who went above and beyond? A blend that knocked your socks off? Did you have a RAOK or wax community experience that left you warm and fuzzy? Please share some of your favorite wax moments of 2016 with us. 

Hello everyone, thank you for visiting my blog (or what is left of it) this year as part of the Band of Bloggers! As you can see, I haven't made a wax purchase this year and I don't foresee any in the near future as I work to use up my stash more. So I thought it best to leave BoB.

I have to say though that BoB and interacting with Deb, Julie, Lauren and Liz over all the various social media channels is my favourite wax moment(s) this year. I love the glimpses into their lives in the different parts of the world and the chats we have (lots of spazzing over Fantastic Beasts right now). When I started out buying wax again three years ago, I wouldn't think that would have netted me the friendships I have found today so I am very grateful for it.

I hope you will continue to support Bob, and I can't wait to find out who are the new bloggers that come on board.

Happy 2016, we made it!

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Thank you and have a beautiful rest of 2016!